Nearly 60% of Californians Want More Deportation of Illegals

According to the mainstream media, the vast majority of people in California favor providing sanctuary status for the over 3 million illegal aliens in the state which is why state lawmakers voted to make the entire state a sanctuary state.

But what do you think happened when a poll was taken off the people by ultra-liberal University of California, Berkeley about illegal aliens?

When the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society tallied the results of their poll, they obviously didn’t expect the results they got that showed that 59% of the people polled said they wanted more illegal aliens deported, not protected.

(Breitbart) – A poll released by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, a left-wing organization, found some shocking results in the far-left state of California, including a desire from a clear majority of 59 percent to “increase deportations” of illegal immigrants.

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California, which advertises itself as a progressive sanctuary state for illegal aliens, has been on the front-lines fighting against President Donald Trump’s push to finally enforce America’s immigration laws. From all of the reporting coming from our disgraced media, you would be led to believe that not only is all of California opposed to enforcing immigration law, but a majority of the American people.  Hidden in this survey, however, is a truth our media never tells, as well as a number of other interesting finds.

While 59 percent of Californians believe it is very (24 percent) or somewhat (35 percent) important to increase deportations of illegals, in the bluer than blue Bay Area, that number holds at 60 percent

This is typical for Democrats in control. They don’t care what the people want, they only care about pushing their socialist agenda on the people. What doesn’t make sense is that so many Californians keep voting in the very Democrats who are opposing deporting of illegals but then little out of California these days makes any sense.




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