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Since when does a government funded agency offer any benefits to illegal aliens when denying the same benefits to American citizens?

Illegal aliens receive far too many benefits paid for by American citizen taxpayers.

For one thing, they get free public education that all of us pay for. Some schools have had to hire special language skilled staff because of the many different languages spoken by so many illegal children. Who pays for these special language skilled staff? US taxpayers.

A growing number of states and university systems have extended in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens while students who are American citizens but live in another state are forced to pay higher out-of-state tuition rates.

Thanks to a federal law, many medical facilities have been instructed that they have to offer medical care to illegal aliens even if they can’t pay. That doesn’t apply to American citizens, who have to pay for their for their own medical care. I’ve written about this before, but in some areas in the southern US, smaller hospitals and urgent care facilities have closed down because they were losing too money treating illegal aliens. Their closures have meant that local residents (US citizens) no longer have emergency care within close proximity. I know of one family who lost their father because it took long to get him to an emergency facility over 100 miles after a local one only 15 miles away closed.

Some states like Oregon and California have passed laws that automatically register illegal aliens to vote when they obtain or renew a state driver’s license. Federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting, but all an illegal in those states has to do is just show up at the poll and vote anyway, since they are already registered.

The list of benefits given to illegal aliens goes on and on, but the latest benefit being extended by NASA is crossing the line and hopefully will be legally challenged.

Cerritos College in California participates in the NASA California Grant Community College STEM Project via the Arduino Internship Opportunity. The program allows students to create projects that are evaluated by NASA. Currently, Cerritos College has 10 students in the internship program and an effort is being made by the Associated Students of Cerritos College Senate to fund two more positions, raising the total to 12.

However, at a recent meeting, it was pointed out that the program seems to be geared solely to international and illegal alien students and not to regular American citizen students.

David Ramirez, Vice President of the ASCC, stated:

“I believe the senate wanted to cover the entire spectrum of people who are impacted by the restrictions in funding of the program, the amending today was to make sure they covered everyone.”

“The professors already have it at heart that they want to fund students who are undocumented, … or international students. They wanted that on paper. I think that it’s not fair when students who have that capacity or exceed that capacity are not able to do so because the fact that they are deemed a category of people who are ineligible.”

Student Senator Robert Campbell added:

“My concern is if we expand the scope of this or we reallocate absolutely anything, we want to make sure we don’t give just a certain specific group of people this opportunity.”

“Especially if we increase it to more than two students like we did last year. We want to extend this opportunity to all students on the campus.”

“The wording that we had currently didn’t allow for anyone outside of undocumented … students.”

Some who support the positions being restricted to international illegal alien students use the bogus argument that Albert Einstein was an immigrant and he was a genius so it’s good to bring in those from outside the country. The easy counter to that is that Thomas Edison was also a genius and he was born here in the United States.

Many Americans are sick and tired of seeing so many things given to illegal aliens at our expense that it makes us more than irate. The ONLY thing every illegal alien (regardless of age) deserves is to be arrested, detained and deported! NOTHING MORE!!!





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