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Ban guns to stop violence is the mantra of the liberal left. They blindly continue to argue that if guns were banned, it would go a long way to stop or reduce the number of violent crimes, as if it were guns that cause people to hurt other people.

Evidently, 57-year-old Gary Madison of Indianapolis failed to get the memo on violence from the liberal left as he pulled a knife, tried stabbing two women and then did stab three men who came to the rescue of the ladies.

No reason has been given for the knife attack, other than Madison acted strangely.

(Indy Star) – A man with a knife attacked a group of people, including a pregnant woman, hanging out in the grassy mall outside Central Library this afternoon after they asked him to stop playing a siren on a bullhorn, witnesses told IndyStar.

The suspect stabbed three people, two critically, according to the Indianapolis Fire Department. He also accidentally stabbed himself during the fight, witnesses told IndyStar, and appeared unhinged.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were called around 4:30 p.m. to St. Clair Street just south of the library and are investigating the fight.

The motive for the attack is not known at this time.

Gary Madison, 57, Indianapolis, was preliminarily charged with three felony counts of battery by means of a deadly weapon, according to Marion County Jail records…

This helps to prove that when people are intent on committing violence that they will find a way to do so regardless of what weapons they have access to. If they don’t have a gun, then they turn to knives as Madison did in this case. Incidentally, England banned guns and are now wondering there is an increase in the number of knife attacks.





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