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During the infamous reign of socialist Barack Obama, the Democrat controlled federal government targeted many non-profit organizations, especially charities. Among those targeted were many church-related charities that reached out to help those in need.

These organizations helped to feed and cloth them, some took them in at night to give them a place to sleep and others tried to help them get a job but Democrats tried to shut down as many of these charitable organizations as possible. If not outright shutting them down, they enacted unfair strict rules and regulations that made it difficult to impossible for the charitable organizations to operate and help those in need.

A number of churches began feeding the homeless and offering meals for people out of work, but local Democrats did their best to shut them down, using archaic ordinances or regulations. They often turned to health rules of some kind to challenge the process of preparing and serving the meals. One organization used to show up in a public park once a week to offer sandwiches but local Democrats shut down telling the organization that taking care of the poor or homeless was the job of the government but the government wasn’t doing anything to help the poor or homeless, other than to make conditions that created more poor and homeless.

In the latest instance of liberals trying to stop anyone but the government from helping those in need involves actor John Barrowman.

Barrowman, a Scottish born singer and actor was nominated for awards from some of his London West End and New York Broadway performances. Currently, he is best known for his role at Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer on the television series Arrow.

Last week, Barrowman went to a Target store in West Hollywood. Outside the store, a homeless man approached Barrowman and asked if he would buy him an $8 t-shirt. Barrowman decided to do a good deed and help the homeless man with more than a t-shirt.

Barrowman entered the Target store and tried to purchase the t-shirt, a grooming kit, $40 gift card and other items to help the poor man out.

When he was at the check-out lane, a Target employee stopped him and told him it was illegal for him to buy the items for the homeless man. The actor was furious over what he was told and tried to find a way to make it all work while still in the store but eventually turned to social media to vent his frustration, where he tweeted:

“I am disgusted by what I was told. Arrest me for trying to help someone. The stupidity behind that rule. I want an explanation. My fans and followers please message #Target regarding this. JB.”

The backlash prompted Target officials to say they were counseling the employee and have extended their apology to Barrowman.

Don’t forget that Target management has openly embraced the LGBT community and the anti-gun liberal left. They banned concealed carry firearms from all of their stores and within weeks of that proclamation, three of their stores were hit by armed robbers.

Why are liberals so against churches charities and individuals from helping the poor and homeless?

In a socialist society, everyone is supposed to turn to the federal government for all their needs. They don’t want needy people to get help from anyone else but the government, not from charities, churches or well-meaning actors like John Barrowman.




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