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Born in 1941, Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. grew up to become a Baptist minister, politician and civil rights activist. He ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and again in 1988 and America is very fortunate that both bids fell short.

The best description of what Jesse Jackson really is, is nothing more than a racial activist who continues to pour fuel on the fires of racial hatred and division. He preaches peace, but that peace is only a one-sided peace that only benefits black Americans and himself. If it wasn’t for the degree of racial hatred and division in America, Jackson would be broke or forced to actually work for a living.

Jackson has a habit of turning non-racial incidents into issues of racial unrest.

He helped fuel the racial fires in Ferguson, Missouri after a police officer was attacked by a large black teen and ended up shooting the teen. Officer Wilson was responding to a police call of the robbery of a convenience store when he saw two youths who matched the description of the suspects. He stopped and while still in his squad car, he asked the youths to stop. That’s when Brown, a very large youth, approached the squad car and began punching Officer Wilson. One of the punches thrown by Brown fractured the eye socket of Officer Wilson. Fearing for his life as the youth continued to pummel him, Wilson went for his service revolver, but Brown tried to take it from. Wilson felt he had no choice but to shoot the youth. A grand jury agreed that Wilson acted in self-defense. Over two dozen witnesses testified that Wilson was being attacked by the youth and the shooting was justified.

Yet, Jackson went to Ferguson and made all sorts of racist accusations against Officer Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department. The only thing that would have appeased Jackson and the other black activists was for Brown to have killed Officer Wilson. Jackson’s comments were so outrageous and racist that less than a week later, protesters turned on Jackson and called for him to leave town.

This is only one of many such incidents where Jesse Jackson did nothing to bring peace but only made things worse and fed the racial hatred of many and he’s doing it once it again.

How many of you have ever shopped at a Kroger, Baker’s Supermarket, City Market, Dillons Food, Fry’s Food & Drug, Gerbes Super Markets, Harris Teeter, Jay C, King Soopers, Owen’s, Pay Less Super Market, QFC, Ralphs, Roundy’s, Scott’s, Smith’s, Main & Vine, Fred Meyer, Lucky’s Market, Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Ruler Foods, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Barclay Jewelers, Fox’s Jewelers, Littman Jewelers, Kwik Shop, Loaf’N Jug, Smith’s Express, Tom Thumb Food Store, Turkey Hill Minit Markets, The Little Clinic, Barney’s Food Warehouse, Cala Foods, Bell Markets, Henke’s, Hilander Foods, Kessel Food Markets, Krambo, Market Basket or Quik Stop?

If so, would you be willing to pay higher prices than you are already paying at any or all of these stores? If Jesse Jackson is right, then that’s exactly what would happen.

He just strolled into Cincinnati, the location of the Kroger Company home office (all of those stores listed above are owned by Kroger. Jackson is calling for a nationwide boycott of Kroger because what he claims are the racist actions of the company.

What actions is Jackson talking about? Kroger closed two stores in Memphis and another store in Mississippi. He claims the stores were wrongly closed because they were in predominately black neighborhoods. He says the closing of the stores leaves the people, mostly poor, without access to proper nutrition.

Kroger says that the stores were losing millions of dollars each year and could not afford to keep the stores open. They also pointed out that there are several other stores in the vicinity of these neighborhoods.

Kroger closed their store in Walnut Hills, Ohio at the end of 2016. Walnut Hills’ population is predominately black American but is not nearly as poor of a community as those in Memphis and Mississippi, but Jackson was nowhere around to protest or call for a boycott. The Walnut Hills Kroger, like those in Memphis and Mississippi was losing lots of money and the company could not afford it to keep it open.

Jackson’s complaints against Kroger that he knows nothing about business and is nothing more than a trouble-causing racist who thrives on creating racial turmoil where there is none. It also causes one to question the integrity of his alleged Christian ministry, since he seems to spend more time preaching hate than love, which is not the Gospel or example Jesus gave us.





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