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Over the past decade, California has become the epitome of Barack Obama’s desired socialist society. Obama officially moved into the Oval Office in January 2009 and in January 2011, Jerry Brown moved into the governor’s office in Sacramento.

Obama had the dream of changing America into a socialist nation. His first big success in that endeavor was the passage of the Affordable Care Act. He tried to push a national cap and trade (a socialist plan to control and tax industries) but that failed at the national level.

However, Brown and his Obamanite disciples did pass the nation’s only cap and trade law. Consequently, a number of business began packing up and moving to other states. California’s Democrats didn’t care that hundreds and even thousands of jobs were lost nor did they care that the state was losing more tax revenue than they were to gain with their cap and trade.

Obama tried to push strong gun control laws at the national level but failed. Brown and his followers have been successful in passing more and more gun control laws. A number of people who value their constitutional rights moved to other states who support and protect the gun rights of the people. Some moved next door to Arizona and others moved to one of the most gun friendly states in the country, Texas.

Obama also waged a war on Christians and Christian values and in many of those endeavors, he was quite successful. Brown and his Democrats have been doing the same in the Golden State. They have passed laws that allow Christian business owners to be easy targets by the far left.

Obama also tried to stop homeschooling. He saw it as an enemy of his socialist plan as the vast majority of homeschooling families are Christian, conservative and patriotic to America. If you recall, at the same time Obama was welcoming millions of illegal aliens, his Department of Justice spent thousands of taxpayer dollars in their effort to deport a German family because they were Christians and wanted to homeschool their kids. They came to America to seek asylum from the persecution of the German government, but Obama’s DOJ tried to revoke their asylum status in order to deport this one peaceful and law-abiding family. With the help of some American legal firms, the Romeike family was finally allowed to remain in the US and homeschool their kids.

It seems that Jerry Brown and his minions are following Obama’s lead once again as they are waging their own war against homeschoolers at the state level with the introduction of Assembly Bill 2926.

Brad Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice League, commented about AB 2926 which he says is a very dangerous piece of legislation:

“And it’s going to be a precursor to more direct legislation. The initial language was going to allow the fire departments to randomly invade homes of homeschoolers without a warrant at least twice a year just to make sure that they’re healthy and safe. That was taken out, but what’s in the legislation right now is the formation of a committee, and this committee would investigate to determine what needs to be regulated, in terms of homeschooling.”

Basically, the bill will allow representatives of the state’s extremely socialist minded government and/or educational system to enter the homes of homeschoolers and then make an arbitrary assessment of whether or not the kids are receiving a proper education in a healthy environment. These ‘inspectors’ will have an agenda to destroy homeschooling in the state and this bill will be one of the tools they use to do it.

Consequently, a number of homeschooling families are prepared to pack up and move out of California to other states who protect the right to homeschool their kids.

Step by step, Brown and California’s other Democratic leaders are turning the state into a purely socialist state and they don’t care how many people leave. The problem is, most of those leaving are conservatives, which only serves to leave the state more at the hands of the socialists in charge.

However, if AB 2926 does pass, I urge as many homeschooling families as possible to leave the state.



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