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Speaker of the House is one of the most powerful positions in Congress and one few ever achieve. It is held by a member of the ruling party and when former Speaker of the House John Boehner stepped down, Paul Ryan was a natural choice. Even though he had a rocky relationship with President Trump, Ryan played a key role in getting the House to replace Obamacare (McConnell failed to get Senate GOP to do likewise) and in passing the tax cut.

Amidst rumors, Ryan just announced that he will not seek re-election because he no longer wants to be just a weekend dad to his kids.

Following his announcement, it appears that a growing number of House Republicans are wanting to force Ryan to step down as Speaker so they can put someone else in his place.

(Newsmax) – Paul Ryan on Wednesday made a point to say he was retiring at the end of his term, not resigning, and he vowed to stay on as House Speaker through November’s midterms.

Noble as it is for Ryan not to run off, rank and file House Republicans likely will force his hand to step down much sooner than that, Axios reports.

“He will be gone by the end of July,” one House Republican told Axios.

With Republican incumbents – those who haven’t retired – already facing strong headwinds heading into the midterms, the last thing the caucus needs is a six-month race to replace Ryan. Further, Ryan staying on ensures Republicans will be treading water until November, Axios reports.

“Scuttlebutt is that Paul will have to step down from speakership soon,” a source close to leadership told Axios…

Ryan stated that he would stay on as Speaker of the House until January, but some of his Republican colleagues say they would be less likely to follow the leadership of a lame duck Speaker so they want someone who can keep the position after the midterm elections should Republicans maintain their majority.





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