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There are numerous ways in which feminism and liberalism have been ruining America. So much so that it could fill volumes but I intend to address one aspect in particular that few else have written on.

When I was younger, people were taught to respect each other along with being polite, courteous and thoughtful of others. Men held the doors open for women and girls. People would step out of the way if someone was approaching. If anyone saw someone with a disability, such as a blind cane, they would gladly offer to help in any way they could. Driving on the streets was even different back then. People used to watch for other drivers, pull up enough so someone could pass by to the side or allow someone behind them to get into a turn lane in a timely fashion so they wouldn’t miss the traffic light. In stores, they always used to keep their shopping carts to the right side of the aisle and make sure there was room for others to pass by or if someone needed to get to a product on a shelf, people would move their chopping cart enough to allow the person to get to what they wanted.

Society in general was politer, more courteous and thoughtful only a few decades ago. Then both feminism and liberalism began to spread through American society like a deadly virus, killing many forms of decency, politeness, respect and courteousness as it spread.

For instance, my oldest daughter is legally blind and uses a white and red cane. Years ago, people would open doors for her. They would step out of her way. Today, most people could care less. They let doors close on her without trying to be nice and hold them open. Many people seem to expect the blind lady to move out of their way.

Handicapped parking is another issue. At one time, no one dared parked in a handicapped spot unless they were handicapped. In many parking lots today, tons of perfectly healthy people park in handicapped spots because they don’t care. It’s all about them and not about others.

Many men no longer open doors for women or show them any respect. When feminism demanded equality, they got it, especially from many men who no longer believe in being polite or courteous.

I can’t tell you how many times while shopping that I’ve politely asked someone to move their cart from the center of the aisle so I could pass, only to have them swear at me and flip me off. One lady told me to go use another aisle because she was in that aisle.

Driving on the road is the pits. It seems that the majority of drivers never look in their mirrors of if they do, they could care less about any other driver on the road. Countless drivers seem to go out of the way to annoy other drivers. It’s no wonder there are so many accidents on the roads. People don’t care about other people, and it’s all due to feminism and liberalism.

When I was in school, we were taught to respect and help others. None of that is taught today because it doesn’t fit in with the feminist and liberal ways of life.

You want to know why there are so many divorces these days and broken relationships? It’s because both feminism and liberalism teach our young people that it’s all about them. Worry and take care of yourself first and foremost and don’t bother with others. No wonder marriages and relationships don’t last when you have two selfish people that were never taught to respect or care for others. In a society driven by feminism and liberalism, love is just a feel-good emotion and when that feeling wanes, it’s time to move on. They aren’t taught that love is an action, not an emotion. Love is not only caring about someone but wanting to make them happy. Love is sacrificial but our young people have been corrupted by feminism and liberalism.

All of this spills over into everything in life – school, work, politics and even religion. Feminism and liberalism has turned America into something ugly. A society of self-centered, selfish and uncaring people who are only concerned about themselves and no one else. Look around and you will see the ugliness caused by feminism and liberalism everywhere you look. People need to stop looking into mirrors at themselves and start looking out the windows at others.



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