Dems in Congress Want to Repeal Tax Cuts

Some of the top Democrats in Congress, including Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) are still denying that the Republican tax cuts are helping the economy, jobs or the American people so they are calling for the repeal of the tax cuts.

McCaskill says she wants to repeal the cuts for the wealthy but not to the American people. she fails to understand that the wealthy are the ones that own businesses and employ people and many of them passed the tax cuts on to their workers with bonuses, raises and hiring more people.

If McCaskill and her Democrat colleagues get their way, it will hurt the overall economy, cost jobs and the American people will be the ones that suffer the most, not the wealthy but Democrats are too entrenched in their socialist ideology to understand it.

(Fox News) – Top congressional Democrats used this week’s IRS filing deadline to ramp up calls to repeal GOP tax cuts — drawing jeers from Republicans who say the package is helping working Americans, and putting some rank-and-file members in a difficult spot.

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Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who is in a tough reelection race, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that while she’d vote to nix tax cuts for the wealthy, she would “never vote to repeal the parts that help middle-class families.”

“[T]here are parts of it that I would look at, but I would never touch the parts that are actually delivering savings to the majority of the people in my state,” she said.

The party brass’ laser focus on overhauling the tax law has created some tension for Democrats in swing districts and states, though Democrats still are seen as having a solid shot at winning the House majority in November…

Every Republican running for office this year needs to tell the people that Democrats are already trying to repeal the tax cuts and if they succeed, it will cost jobs and hurt the economy. If enough Democrats get elected to the House and Senate, they will indeed repeal major parts of the tax cuts which could lead to another recession.




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