Collusion Evidence Points to Comey, DNC and CNN

Democrats are still hoping beyond all hope of finding even a shred of evidence showing that Donald Trump and/or the Trump campaign somehow colluded with Russia or Russian entities to interfere in the 2016 election. After 11 months of special counsel investigation, there has not been any evidence revealed linking Trump or his campaign to any Russian collusion.

What has been discovered through other investigations that there was 2016 related collusion in an effort to sway the election but it isn’t Trump or his campaign that did the colluding. Instead, it appears that it was then FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic National Committee and CNN (THE most liberal, anti-Trump and fake news media outlet in all of America.)

( – Our nation is growing rightfully weary of the mainstream “news” in 2018, as a citizen President has taken to the Oval Office to expose decades of media malfeasance.

The radical left has all but locked up the narrative that is being exposed via the major media outlets, with Fox News seemingly standing alone in their support for traditional American culture…and even they have a tendency to stray from the path from time to time as well.

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Is the chief news anchor at Fox News anti-Trump? Sean Hannity thinks so.

Speaking on his radio show Monday afternoon with White House official Sebastian Gorka, Hannity said Shepard Smith was “a friend,” but someone who was no fan of President Donald Trump. His comments came as he argued Fox News is home to personalities with a wide assortment of political views…

From the current evidence, it appears that James Comey, those involved with the Democratic National Committee and at CNN are the ones that need to face criminal charges for election collusion. We already know that Comey is getting himself deeper in trouble day-by-day, but this new revelation could destroy the DNC and CNN.




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