CBS Dares to Air Program Discussing Assassinating the President

CBS and ABC have become two of the most liberal, pro-left, pro-Democrat and anti-Trump networks that air prime-time television programs. They have repeatedly overstepped the boundaries of decency, and anything that resembles the moral America that many of us remember.

Instead, they believe they are providing entertainment when they push the limits of socially acceptable language, sexual situations or innuendos and topics.  

However, CBS has definitely gone too far with a recent airing of The Good Fight in which the cast discuss various scenarios of assassinating the President of the United States to help usher in a new regime change.  

( – When we look back at this current era of modern history, against the context of the Presidents who came before him, I believe Americans will be embarrassed at how they treated Donald Trump.

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We talk a lot about patriotism, and wanting the best for our fellow countrymen, but, out there, among the liberals and the fascists are the tribalistic tendencies of the hard left.  They divide us by gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity – always reminding the rest of the nation to treat everyone special instead of treating everyone equal.  Among the latest divisions being disseminated by the democrats is a furious split down political lines, with conservatives and liberals now, apparently, at war with one another.

The election of Donald Trump was certainly a bit of a catalyst in this process, mashing the gas of the left’s radicalization directly to the floor.  Pedal to the metal.  Antifa in the streets…

If impeachment of President Donald Trump is not successful, then there is no telling to what extremes the far left will take in order to see that Trump does not complete his first term in office, let alone have a chance of serving a second term. With the help of CBS, scenarios are out there for crazies and wackos to dwell and act upon. Can you imagine the uproar if any prime-time television program had done the same thing when Obama was in the White House?




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