California Republican Leaves State Due to Dem Lunacy

Over the past decade, lunatic Democrats have taken over California and have worked hard to make the state live up to its reputation of being the land of nuts, fruits and flakes. Some friends of mine who used to live in California have said that today’s Democrats are trying to establish the Socialist State of California and they are well on their way.

They have passed the nation’s only cap and trade law, along with raising taxes, passing gun control laws and hundreds of other socialist-type laws.

Not only have hundreds to thousands of people moved away from the state, but former Republican California State Rep. Chuck DeVore has moved to another state and he says it’s because of the lunacy running the state.

( – Chuck DeVore, a one-time member of the California State Assembly has moved away from the Golden State saying that liberals have destroyed his once beautiful and bountiful home.

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Not only does DeVore say that California is a cautionary tale, but he credits President Donald Trump with saving the rest of America from the same grizzly fate.

Former State Representative Chuck DeVore, who served in the legislature until retiring in 2010, has announced that he is done with his home state and is now a proud resident of the Lonestar State of Texas.

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He moved right after he left the legislature, but a recent article by a pair of foolhardy leftists brought the reason he let into sharp focus…

Perhaps this is why billionaire Timothy Draper was able to obtain nearly double the number of signatures he needed to get his measure to divide California into three different states, on this November’s ballot. It also explains why some polls show that the majority of California residents want more deportation of illegal aliens – the people of California are getting tired of what the Dems are doing.



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