Another Gun Free Zone Targeted by Shooter

When will people learn that gun free zones are far more dangerous than gun friendly zones. Instead of placing no guns allowed signs on their doors, they might a well put a target on their front doors because that is how many see gun free zones.

The owners and management of Waffle House have yet to learn their lesson after another one of their restaurants are targeted. At least 5 years ago, Waffle House established all of their restaurants to gun free zones. People with concealed carry permits and weapons are to leave their guns at home or in their vehicles, as they are not allowed inside their establishments. Only law enforcement officers are allowed to carry their weapons into a Waffle House but even that has not always in the been the case.

In 2014, Texas Public Safety Trooper Jeff Evans entered a Waffle House in Grapevine, Texas, only to be yelled at by the manager to leave because of his gun. Evans tried to explain that he was an on duty DPS trooper, but the manager would not listen and continued to tell Evans to leave.

In 2016, three Waffle House restaurants in Georgia were robbed by armed gunmen within a 24-hour period. The gunmen knew the restaurant chain was a gun free company which meant they knew they would not meet any armed resistance, making them an easy target.

Waffle House management has allowed their anti-American and anti-gun agendas to cloud their judgement as seen by their continued denial of how guns help stop crime.

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In 2015, 19-year-old Joshua Jermaine Davis took his gun and robbed a Waffle House in Charleston, South Carolina. When Davis ran out of the restaurant carrying the cash register drawer, Kenneth Rivers was sitting outside the restaurant in his car, talking to his brother on the phone. Rivers is a concealed carry permit holder and was armed because he also worked as a security officer for a nearby nightclub, so he got out of his car and ordered Davis to stop. Davis raised his gun and fired at Rivers, so Rivers returned fire, hitting Davis, dropping him in his tracks. Davis died from his wound and Waffle House ignored Rivers deed and re-iterated their gun free policy.

In 2016, a man with an AK-47 entered a Waffle House in Dallas. At gun point, he robbed the customers and then robbed the store. One of the patrons was a concealed carry permit holder and, without the Waffle House staff knowing, was carrying his weapon. He followed the robber out the door and then ordered him to stop. The robber turned and pointed his AK-47 at the armed customer, who opened fire on the robber, hitting him several times. Once again, Waffle House re-affirmed their gun free policy.

Early Sunday morning, a man arrived at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, about 15 miles southeast of Nashville. The man, believed by police to be 29-year-old Travis Reinking shot and killed two people outside the restaurant before entering the restaurant and shooting others. Before leaving, 4 people were dead and several others wounded. When he stopped to reload his rifle, he was jumped by customers who wrestled the gun away from him. Reinking fled the scene, leaving his coat and pickup truck behind. After shedding his coat, he was seen walking down the street naked.

Chances are Waffle House will again re-affirm their gun free policy. All they are really affirming is that Waffle House remains to be a target for criminals and crazies and that anyone who eats at a Waffle House are placing their lives in harm’s way. Because of their gun free policy, it’s more dangerous to eat at a Waffle House than some other restaurant that allows concealed carry weapons.

The bottom line is – Waffle House cares more about their anti-Second Amendment agenda than they care about customer safety. Think about this before you contemplate eating at a Waffle House.


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