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Fifty years ago, most American families were considered normal and functional. They had a father, mother and kids and in most cases, the father was the authority figure. Most television shows about families portrayed normal functional families.

Fifty years later, many American families are dysfunctional. Many are single parent families. Mothers are now the authority figure or one of the kids seems to be in charge. Virtually every television program that involves family life portrays some form of dysfunction.

It’s not only families that have become dysfunctional, but so has America’s government. Towards the end of Barack Obama’s second term, the approval ratings for Congress had plunged to the lowest in history reaching single digit.

Congress has become just as dysfunctional as many American families. The proverbial aisle that separates Republicans and Democrats has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. If you have never seen the Grand Canyon, you should know that there is not a single bridge crossing it for most of its entirety. The only way to get to the North Rim is to drive many miles and several hours around, which is one of the main reasons that most visitors to the Grand Canyon only see the South Rim.

A current Verizon commercial reveals why America has so much dysfunctionality that is plaguing America’s families and government. The commercial features the popular song, Compromise by Molly Kate Kestner.

The chorus of the song is the part featured in the Verizon commercial, and the lyrics are:

I won’t compromise (I won’t)

I won’t say goodbye (I won’t)

Dream’s I’ve had since I was five

You can never make me

I won’t compromise (I won’t)

I won’t apologize (I won’t)

Don’t care if your satisfied

Never gonna change me

This is the mentality that plagues America. It’s taught in our schools and many counseling sessions.

A family I know had a teenage daughter who physically attacked her dad. When dad defended himself, the daughter called the police. They ended up arresting the daughter who spent the night jail. To avoid a court case and jail time, she was allowed to attend a court approved counseling program. The entire program taught the daughter that it was all about her and no one else. She was counseled to just be concerned about herself and what she wanted, which was the cause of the trouble in the house to begin with.

The reason we have so many dysfunctional families is because so many people are taught that it’s all about them and that they don’t need to compromise. Marriage is all about compromise. When two become one, they cannot survive if they both hold on to the ‘no compromise’ mentality they have been taught.

In a few months, my wife and I will celebrate our 47th anniversary and one of the main reasons we are still together is that we learned early on that we both had to compromise to please each other. Marriage is not a ‘me’ relationship, but a ‘we’ relationship. If more couples learned this, there would be fewer divorces and fewer dysfunctional families.

The same holds true for Congress. A government where there is no compromise is generally called a dictatorship or monarchy. A definition of a republic (America was established as a republic, NOT a democracy) is that the will of the people rules and in order to survive as a government, there has to be some compromise on both parts.

Today’s American government is one of little to no compromise. When it was announced that Donald Trump won the presidency, many Democrats in Congress said they won’t compromise, they won’t and they have no intention of apologizing and they don’t care if the American people are satisfied or not and finally, they marched into their congressional enclave saying they’re never gonna change.

The ironic part is that they have compromised on their religious faith, but not their politics or personal lives and thus, we have a nation and people in ruin.



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