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West Virginia Pastor Rich Penkoski has a Facebook page where he shares the Word of God and Christian based news, mostly associated with his ministry, Warriors for Christ. However, Penkoski, like so many other Christians and conservatives, has found that Facebook regularly sensors his posts. He has had his Facebook page suspended for 30 days on more than one occasion.

One News Now managed to contact a Facebook person by the name of Neil Potts to discuss why Penkoski’s page is regularly being subject to suspension. Potts said it’s because the pastor, according to Facebook, is using hate speech. Potts told One News Now:

“In this case, we felt that the attacks upon the people were actually doing more harm by silencing people within the larger Facebook community – and we removed the page.”

On one occasion, Penkoski had a post that dealt with homosexuals and he stated that homosexuals are more likely be pedophiles. He has found that members of the LGBT community have been monitoring his Facebook page and reported to Facebook that he said ‘all’ homosexuals are pedophiles, a charge that the pastor adamantly denies.

He says he does not specifically target LGBT people, but they have been targeting him. He receives emails from them on a regular basis and they seem to be the main ones who claim his page is hate speech and report him to Facebook. That’s all it takes for Facebook to rush to action to suspend his page.

Facebook has taken similar action on a number of conservative political pages. Some of my colleagues have had their Facebook pages suspended just for printing the truth about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They claim that is hate speech and offensive.

Yet, many liberal Facebook posts can say almost anything they want against Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, or Christians. If you dare post anything about Muslims that is truthful about how they mistreat women or anything else negative, boom, your page is suspended for hate speech and being offensive.

I know someone who posted a news story of a Muslim father here in the US who beat his teenage daughter because she spoke to a non-Muslim boy at school. The father claimed he had the right to beat her under sharia law because she shamed the family by talking to the boy. All this person did was post part of the media coverage and his Facebook page was suspended for 30 days.

On another occasion, an acquaintance posted the news about Hillary Clinton violating federal law by using a private email server and his page was suspended.

Yet, I’ve seen Facebook posts that reported all kinds of derogatory lies about Donald Trump and when the page was reported as being offensive, Facebook took no action.

In the past year, Facebook has made a number of policy changes that have been specifically designed to silence conservatives. Many websites rely on ad revenue generated on their Facebook page, but Facebook is doing everything possible to kill the ad revenue to conservatives and Christians. Some companies have had to lay off workers because of Facebook’s deliberate censorship of conservatives and Christians.

In the case of Pastor Penkoski, he said that he was told by Facebook to create two different pages, one for controversial material (which in Facebook’s eyes is anything biblical and conservative) and one for more vital ministry issues. The pastor responded to this, saying:

“I shouldn’t have to separate it. Our whole ministry is not about going up against the LGBT. I never even wanted that fight – they came to our page, they came to our ministry, they emailed me.”

“Why should I have to separate what we do as a ministry? Who does Facebook think they are to tell me where I have to put my ministry if I’m going to continue to use their platform?”

You know that if he does create two separate pages that the one for more controversial material will be regularly suspended or removed all together due to complaints by those who are guilty of the sins he posts about. Penkoski has no plans to back down from Facebook.

Some members of Congress have talked about investigating Facebook for their rampant violations of the First Amendment, but so far, not much has happened. If every person who has had a similar issue reports it to their politicians in Washington, then perhaps the flood of complaints about Facebook will lead to some type of action.





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