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Over the weekend, President Donald Trump unveiled his recommendations to help prevent school shootings. Over the past month, Trump has said a number of things, most of them were said off the cuff (spur of the moment) without thinking them through. He has had time to meet with his advisors, the NRA and others and has weighed everything he has been told, altering his recommendations from what many expected.

Some of his recommendations fall right into line with what many anti-gun Democrats have been wanting. For years, Democrats have been wanting more emphasis on mental health issues, and in Trump’s recommendations, it calls for more funding for mental health issues, but still the Democrats and mainstream media are taking pot shots at Trump for his recommendations.

Democrats have been pushing to expand background checks and Trump’s recommendations included a measure called Fix NICS, designed to plug up some of the loopholes and to help local agencies in their inputting of data into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Yet, Democrats and the mainstream media are still unhappy with Trump.

Democrats have been pushing for action to be taken to allow officials to take away guns from violent people, like those in domestic violence situations and those with a protection order against them. Trump’s recommendations support the passage of Rick Protection Orders by every state. These would allow officials to go in and confiscate all guns and ammunition of anyone who is deemed to be violent, made dangerous threats or seems suicidal. Yet, Democrats and the mainstream media are still complaining, blasting Trump in the media and making him look like he really doesn’t want to help stop school shootings. Just do a search for news on his recommendations and you will see list of posts with derogatory headlines.

One of the reasons they are all still taking pot shots at Trump is because his recommendations do NOT include raising the minimum age for purchasing a firearm. At one time, Trump had talked about raising the minimum age to 21, but that was not included in any of Trump’s recommendations.

The mainstream media and Democrats are also in an uproar and blasting Trump for following through on his earlier recommendation to train and arm teachers and faculty. Trump has tasked Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to chair a federal commission to look into school safety and the recommendation to train and arm teachers.

Democrats and the mainstream media already hate DeVos and have blasted her every chance they have had since first being nominated for her current position. Chances are, they will continue to hound her mercilessly like a pack of hungry wolves on the trail of a lone deer. They will take repeated swipes and bites at her until they take her down for the kill or until she successfully stands her ground, faces them and puts them to shame, as she ought to.

If President Trump banned all private ownership of guns, liberals would still be angry with him just because of who and what he is.

Democrats and the mainstream media are screaming for ways to stop school shootings and other gun violence, but they refuse to comprehend that the best way to do so is to train and arm teachers and faculty. Most schools cannot afford to hire armed security guards and if they could, which building would the guard be in if there was a shooting?

Some teachers and liberals say they should not be burdened with the responsibility of having to protect students, but if that’s the case, then they need to get out of teaching. Over a century ago, many teachers had guns with them in the schools to protect students because of the dangers and in our society, the dangers are perhaps greater than ever.  So it’s time teachers, school faculty, Democrats and the media understand that defending YOUR kids is no different than defending the President’s kids or defending our nation, all of which require weapons.



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