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There have been many allegations of voter fraud, mostly in favor of Democrats, going back to the 2008 presidential election.

Two members of the radical, racist and militant group, the New Black Panthers were videoed intimidating voters standing in line waiting to vote. The two were arrested and charged with federal felonies for voter intimidation, but suddenly, the attorney handling the case for the Department of Justice was ordered to drop all charges and released the two men. It’s probably no coincidence that back in 2006, Barack Obama was photographed marching with the same two men. Make your own assumption from where the order came to drop the charges.

In 2012, there were numerous reports of people voting multiple times and in more than one state. One poll worker in Cincinnati, a Democrat, voted for herself, her sister, along with a number of other relatives. She was arrested, tried and convicted of voting at least 9 times.

Democratic workers were videoed telling people how they could register to vote when they were not eligible to vote or how to vote more than once. But what got most of the attention in 2014 was the numerous reports of voting machines changing votes from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama. This happened in numerous locations. There were also instances of people showing up to the polls only to be told they had already voted when they hadn’t, meaning someone had already voted for them.

In 2016, many of the same voter fraud reports of the previous elections were again reported, but there was also the issue of how many non-citizens (legal and illegal aliens) voted. Several different reports indicated that at least 3 million non-citizen votes were cast in the 2016 election, with the vast majority of them cast for Hillary Clinton by illegal aliens.

This was easily set up by states like California and Oregon who have laws that automatically register people to vote just by obtaining or renewing a state driver’s license. All these non-citizens have to do is just show up at the poll and IF asked if they are a US citizen, they only have to say yes and then they can vote, although many aren’t even asked.

In 2014, an investigation revealed thousands of cases of voter fraud in North Carolina including 155,000 voters registered to vote in North Carolina and other states and a number of non-citizens voting.

Currently, there is a lawsuit in Pennsylvania where the state has been charged with allowing over 100,000 non-citizens to vote. Pennsylvania was one of the contested states that helped push Trump over the top to win, but many still wonder about the total vote count. Knowing that most non-citizens vote Democrat, consider the fact that Trump received 2,912,941 votes to Clintons 2,844,705 votes, a difference of only 68,236 votes. If 75% of the 100,000 non-citizen voters voted for Hillary, that would spread the difference to nearly 150,000 votes, ending the ongoing questions that are still voiced by some.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation has also claimed that Virginia and New Jersey also allowed non-citizens to vote. New Jersey reported 2,021,756 votes for Hillary Clinton and 1,535,513 votes for Donald Trump. In Virginia, there were 1,916,845 votes for Clinton and 1,731,156 votes for Trump.

Many criticize the election process, saying it’s not fair since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so she should be president. In the popular vote, Clinton had 62,523,126 votes to Trump’s 61,201,031 for a difference of only 1,322,095 votes. If you subtracted the approximate 75,000 votes cast for Clinton in Pennsylvania by non-citizens, that would bring the difference down to 1,247,095. Then if you remove 75% of the 3 million non-citizen votes reported by several different sources, that would change the popular vote to approximately a 1 million vote lead for Donald Trump.

Is it any wonder why Democrats have fought so hard against any and all forms of voter ID?

However, here is one major consideration to contemplate. Democrats have worked hard to allow non-citizens to vote, knowing that most of them will vote Democratic. But what if a large number of Russian non-citizens were in the country and most of them voted Republican? Do you think the Democrats would continue their voter fraud schemes or would they be screaming bloody murder?

There is a mountain of evidence linking Democrats, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the National Democratic Committee to Russia and Russians, but Democrats are only focused on trying to find the tiniest shred of evidence against Trump or his campaign having any link with Russia or Russians.

It’s clear that Democrats fully support and practice voter fraud, but only on their terms when it benefits them.



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