Democrats Lying When Saying They Don’t Want to Ban Guns

The majority of Democrats pushing gun control continue to claim that they have no intention of banning guns altogether or repealing the Second Amendment but like in so many things they say, they are lying.

A few months ago, Nancy Pelosi was asked about a gun control bill and if it would open the door for more gun control that could lead to banning more guns and she said she certainly hoped so.

Sen. Diane Feinstein is also saying that she doesn’t want to ban all guns, but in 1995, she led efforts in California to ban as many types of guns as possible.

( – Democrats want to take all our guns away and cancel the Second Amendment and when they say this is not true, they are simply lying to you.

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Liberals always lie about what they want. They do this as part of their normal strategy because what they really want is so extreme that no real American would agree to it. So, they claim to lesser plans that seem more “reasonable” so that with each win they can get closer to their extreme goals.

The strategy works, too.

The radical gay agenda is the perfect example of how liberals push their agenda in steps instead of admitting to what they want right up front. Liberals used to say that they only wanted gays to be treated as equals and their sexual choices legitimized. They didn’t want gay marriage, they insisted, they only wanted to be accepted for their sexual choice because it was “natural.” But that only lasted until they achieved that goal. Now gays are fully accepted in society. But there was more to their agenda…

Let’s not forget that once conservative Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, now turned liberal, spoke out recently saying that it was time to repeal the Second Amendment and that it was just a relic of the 18th century, an argument that many liberal anti-American Democrats use to push to update and revise or re-write the US Constitution.




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