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How much would you trust your boss with your safety and welfare?

That’s a question many people are faced with in different ways.

My oldest daughter used to be a certified nursing assistant and worked on the TCU floor at a local hospital. One day a fellow assistant asked for help in getting a patient out of bed and to the bathroom. When the two aides had the man standing, he told them they had to move his legs for him because he was paralyzed on the one side. The other assistant politely told the patient they were not allowed to do that and that they would put him back in bed and have him use a urinal. That set the man off like timebomb. He managed to kick the aide in the chest, sending her flying against the wall. He then grabbed my daughter by the back of the neck and began bending her over and violently shaking her back and forth, threatening to kill her and the other aide. His grip on her neck was so tight that his fingernails cut her skin. Eventually, hospital security arrived and forced him to release our daughter. It turned out that he dislocated three of her cervical vertebra that left her in a permanent muscle spasm on the neck and shoulder that lasted for 7 months.

After the attack, the hospital told our daughter that it was good that she didn’t strike back at the patient and then explained that they are really not allowed to defend themselves. It was at that point that she lost all trust and confidence with the hospital. The hospital made it clear that they were more concerned about liability issues than they were with staff safety, even if the injury was career ending as it was in her case.

But what would you think if your boss or company had the ability to protect you and your co-workers from danger, but refused to because of their personal liberal politics?

That’s the situation facing the deputies that work for the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.

$23 million in federal grant money was given to the state of Texas to use for the purchasing of 33,000 rifle-resistant vests for law enforcement officers. Most of the vests currently used by law enforcement may stop shots fired from a handgun, but not a rifle. Rifle bullets have a lot more velocity than handguns and with higher velocity comes greater penetration of the bullets, thus the need for the rifle-resistant vests.

All that any law enforcement agencies within the state have to do to receive the vests is apply for them and agree to cooperate with detainer requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has opted to not apply for the vests that would help keep her deputies safer, because she has taken a strong sanctuary status for illegal aliens in her county, even though a Texas state law bans sanctuary status.

The residents of Travis County and every deputy in her department needs to ask her why she is so willing to protect illegal aliens who have NO right to be in the US and yet leave her deputies unprotected? Why is she placing the lives of illegal aliens over the lives of her deputies?

Sounds like it’s time for a number of deputies to start applying to other law enforcement agencies who would value them more than illegal aliens.



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