Will Government Shutdown Again Due to DACA Illegals?

Congressional Democrats have threatened again to vote against a federal budget spending measure. If a budget bill is not passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law by midnight tomorrow, the government may once again shut down.

Last night, the House passed a budget bill, but it only keeps the government open until March 23, although it does provide funding for the Pentagon for a year along with two years of funding for community health centers.

The Senate is working on a budget deal and some reports say they are getting closer to a deal to keep the government funded and open, nothing is certain at this time.

(The Daily Caller) – The Senate is inching closer toward reaching an agreement to lift budget spending caps and potentially raise the debt ceiling, but House Democrats are expressing concerns they will lose their leverage in immigration negotiations if the caps deal passes the upper chamber.

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With government funding set to expire Thursday, Congress has just two days to pass a short-term measure through both chambers to avert another shutdown.

The House passed a stop-gap measure Tuesday evening that would keep the government funded through March 23, fully fund the Pentagon for a year and provide two years of funding for community health centers. Lawmakers in the upper chamber are negotiating a two-year deal to lift spending caps on both defense and domestic spending, which could be attached to the House-passed spending bill, in hopes of being able to dodge having to pass another continuing resolution…

President Donald Trump shocked many yesterday by saying that perhaps a government shutdown may be needed in order to get some kind of DACA deal passed by Congress. It was easier for the House to pass a budget deal than the Senate, where the margin of power for Republicans is much narrower. If Senate Republicans cannot come up with an acceptable budget bill, our military will once again go unpaid while risking their lives on the battlefield.




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