Twice Deported Illegal Kills 2 Americans in Un-Official Sanctuary City

How many Americans must die or become victimized by illegal aliens before Democrats stop defending them?

Over the past few years, there have been far too many reports of American citizens being robbed, beaten, sexually assaulted, raped and murdered by illegal aliens. These reports are more troubling to many than all of the reports of other robberies, beatings, sexual assaults, rapes and murders because the vast majority of the crimes committed by illegal aliens could have been prevented if only federal immigration laws were enforced and the border with Mexico secured.

How many of these reports have been about illegals who were deported multiple times, but easily returned to the US? Think about Kathryn Steinle of San Francisco who was shot and killed by an illegal who had been previously deported. The truly tragic part of that incident, in addition to the death of Kate, was that the illegal who shot her should have been in jail awaiting to be picked up by ICE agents, but since San Francisco is a sanctuary city, he was intentionally released back into the public only a short time before Kate died in her father’s arms.

Indianapolis is not an official sanctuary city, however, a year ago Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett stopped short of saying his city was a sanctuary city, but did say that the city would not comply with any law that any court has declared to be unconstitutional and discriminatory. That includes any court run by an Obama-appointed judge, many of whom still rule on their agenda instead of the law.

Meet 37-year-old Manuel Orrego-Savala, a citizen of Guatemala. He was deported back to Guatemala in 2007 and again in 2009, but he still managed to return to the US, thanks to Obama’s open border policy. Early Monday morning, Savala was drunk (blood alcohol level of 0.239%, nearly three times the legal limit) when he collided with a car on I-70 in Indianapolis.

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The car was an Uber car, driven by Jeffrey Monroe. His passenger was Edwin Jackson, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts. Jackson had been out the night before and decided to play it safe by not driving and using an Uber car. Jackson told Monroe he was felling sick, so Monroe pulled over to the side of the interstate and got out.

That’s when Savala, driving a Ford 150 pickup truck, slammed into the back of Monroe’s car, sending one of the men into center lane of the interstate, where he was struck by a policeman. Savala fled the scene on foot, but he was soon apprehended by law enforcement. Upon his capture, he gave an alias to police, but they discovered who he really was.

The deaths of Jeffrey Monroe and Edwin Jackson could have and should have been prevented. If Indianapolis was not an un-official sanctuary city, these two men would still be alive. If the border had been secured during the Obama administration, chances are these two men would still be alive.

Monroe’s and Jackson’s blood are on the hands of Obama, congressional Democrats and Mayor Hogsett and it’s about time these politicians are held responsible for their actions.


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