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Democrats have been riding on President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings to help them win enough midterm elections to regain control of the Senate and/or House. However, those plans are beginning to crash and burn as the economy is picking up, housing market picking is up, taxes got cut, unemployment is down, many people are getting bonuses & raises, the stock market is setting record after record and border protection is increasing, the military is stronger and Trump wants to repair America’s highways, bridges and docks.

Democrats’ hopes were further dashed after Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night as even ultra-liberal CBS’s own poll showed just how well his address was received by American voters.

(Daily Mail) – The stats don’t lie.

Within minutes of President Donald Trump‘s first State of the Union speech, CBS News revealed their YouGov poll approval ratings on it.

Unsurprisingly, 97% of Republican speech watchers liked it.

More surprisingly, 72% of Independents liked it.

Staggeringly, 43% of Democrats liked it.

Overall, CBS reported that 75% of Americans approved of the speech.

For such a seriously divisive and polarising President, who is currently languishing with just 39% personal approval ratings, these were sensationally good results.

Interestingly, 8/10 Americans in the poll felt the President was trying to unite the country with his speech and two thirds of Americans said it made them feel proud…

As more people begin to see their paychecks this year with more take-home pay, along with some getting raises and more people working than there has been in a decade, Trump’s popularity is sure to continue to climb, if only someone can take his Twitter account away from him.





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