Republican Forces Brief Government Shutdown

At midnight last night or early this morning, the federal government officially shutdown. Instead of instantly blaming Democrats as usual for forcing a government shutdown, this time, it was due in large to Republican Sen. Rand Paul (KY), who spoke for hours against the amount of spending contained in the budget bill and the allowance of a trillion-dollar deficit.

Paul said that if Republicans were against a trillion-dollar deficit under Barack Obama, then they should be opposed to a trillion-dollar deficit under Donald Trump. Paul eventually gave way and allowed a vote. The House voted to approve the budget bill at 5:30am this morning, sending the bill to President Donald Trump’s desk to sign and keeping the government open and our military paid.

(Washington Examiner) – The House early Friday morning passed a bipartisan bill to keep the government open, several hours into a partial government closure and despite division within both parties over the legislation.

Dozens of Republicans and Democrats voted against the bill, which provides government funding until March 23 and sets a marker for federal spending levels for the next two years. The legislation also suspends the nation’s borrowing limit for one year, and provides nearly $90 billion in disaster relief for states and territories devastated by recent wildfires and hurricanes.

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Despite the opposition from Republicans opposed to new spending, and Democrats who wanted to include an immigration deal that doesn’t exist, the bipartisan support supplied enough votes to ensure House passage.

Most Democrats added some drama by not voting until the very end, but more than 70 of them ultimately joined the GOP majority to support the bill. In the final vote, 67 Republicans rejected the bill, which passed 240-186…

Everyone in America should be pushing for Congress to either pass a bill that says if the government shuts down, Congress does not get paid either, especially since members of the military don’t get paid. Or, congress needs to pass a bill that provides the military continues to get paid during any government shut down, for obvious reasons.




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