‘All Public Pollsters Should Be Shot’ Declares Former Obama Campaign Manager

When the polls are going your way, they are a great tool, one used by many politicians on both sides of the aisle. In the 2016 presidential campaigns, most of the conservative public polls constantly touted Hillary Clinton as the overwhelming favorite, but some conservative polls touted Donald Trump as the leader, indicating that polls are often biased and flawed and can’t always be trusted.

Appearing on the ultra-liberal Morning Joe show on MSNBC, former Barack Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, showed his contempt for pollsters, probably due to their predictions of Clinton winning in 2016, said that all public pollsters should be shot.

(Fox News) –  Jim Messina, a former campaign manager for Barack Obama, apparently isn’t one to mince words.

During an appearance Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Messina spoke about the irrelevance of public polls so early in an election year, Mediaite reported.

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Then he underscored the point to host Joe Scarborough.

“Joe, you know how I feel about public polls,” he said. “I think all public pollsters should be shot.”

Messina said there were other, more important yardsticks at this point to determine a candidate’s viability.

Chance are, had Hillary Clinton won the election, Messina would be praising the public pollsters and pointing out what a great job they did in predicting the winner, but since Trump won and all Democrats ignore conservative polls, suddenly, pollsters are evil and should be eliminated. Can you image what the mainstream media would be doing had Trump said that about pollster?





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