Proof Hillary Not Fit to be President

How many times did we hear Democrats and the mainstream media proclaim during the 2016 elections that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person ever to run for and be President of the United States of America? They frequently made such proclamations in one form or another.

When Clinton appeared to be having some sort of physical problems, everyone close to her assured the American people that she was just tired from the grueling campaign schedule and that all she needed was a little rest. There was the day she seemed to collapse or faint as she was getting into a van, but her staff tried to brush it off as pneumonia due to the exhausting pace of her campaign schedule.

During at least one of her debates and several of her public appearances, Clinton seemed confused and not sure what to say or do. She even slurred her speech a few times and seemed to talk gibberish, but once again, all we heard is that she is tired but still the best and most qualified person to occupy the White House.

This past Monday, Hillary Clinton was delivering a speech to students at Georgetown University in Washington DC, when she stated:

“Now, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all that’s going on in the world and on the world stage.”

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“I know that. I get overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day.”

If she gets overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day by everything happing throughout the world now, how could she possible handle the strain and pressure of sitting in the Oval Office having to make decisions based on all of the world events?

Out of her own mouth, Clinton proved she is NOT the most qualified person to be president.

Additionally, Hillary Clinton is not the most qualified person to be president because of her habitual lying and deception to everyone – the American people, Congress, FBI and the courts, as proven by an email that was recently release by the State Department.

This particular email took place in January 2012, between Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Justin Cooper and Monica Hanley. The topic was issues with her Blackberry device as reported:

“‘It comes back to life once I plug in the charger,’ the one-time ‘most qualified presidential candidate in the history of the world’ wrote to her aides on the evening of January 30.”

“‘Should I try a new battery or get a new one,’ she wrote, apparently referring to a new device.”

“‘And, have we figured out to save all my info?’ she ended.”

“‘All of your info is on the sever (sic) which you can access on any web enabled,’ Cooper responded. ‘The berries have a capacity — which may be part of why yours isn’t working’.”

“‘Thanks for your help,’ Hillary wrote back.”

Hillary Clinton knew all along that all of her information, including a number of State Department documents and information was on her private server. The one that she claimed had been erased accidentally or some such excuse.

Once her email server scandal was revealed, Hillary Clinton began lying about it from the very beginning and continues to lie about it today, even though the evidence proves her to be lying, she still lies and denies everything.

What kind of leader is this? The closest thing to her kind of world leader is Kim Jong-un of North Korea, who can do no wrong and it’s everyone else’s fault. And besides, they both have a long trail of people who have been killed or mysteriously disappeared.






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