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The main goal of LGBT activists is to obtain preferential treatment and rights above and beyond those of normal and religious people and organizations. They have made huge strides in accomplishing that goal under the 8-years of the Obama administration, especially with the issue of same sex marriage and transgenders using the bathrooms or showers of their declared sexual orientation. It should be noted that since liberal Democrats pushed for transgender rights, the number of sexual assaults and molestation of children has increased.

In Ohio, long considered to be an important swing state in presidential elections, a bill has been introduced into the state’s General Assembly that is nothing more than a bill to give LGBT individuals and organizations privileged rights over everyone else.

HB 160, known as the Ohio Fairness Act is anything but fair. The bill amends many existing pieces of legislation and supposedly establishes fairness in government, business and political campaigns. Hidden within all of legal jargon used to write a piece of legislation, is the following:

“(1) Publish, distribute, or otherwise communicate information that does any of the following:”

“(c) Promotes illegal discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, or handicap, age, or ancestry; or sexual orientation or gender identity or expression as those terms are defined in section 4112.01 of the Revised Code;” [Emphasis Theirs]

The Ohio Fairness Act was sponsored by state Rep. Nickie Antonio, (D-13th District – includes part of Cleveland). It needs to be noted that Antonio is the first openly gay member of the Ohio General Assembly. She is married to her long-time lover Jean Kosmas. She has also introduced legislation to eliminate the death penalty in Ohio, claiming it is cruel and inhumane (evidently the crime committed by those sentenced to death isn’t cruel or inhumane and therefore don’t warrant being put to death, even if there is a little pain or suffering involved).

Antonio claims that she has the support of over 200 businesses in the state, but it needs to be known that the power behind the bill is the LGBT activist community, which has become quite powerful.

The problem with the Ohio Fairness Act is that its only fair for the LGBT, but would create legalized discrimination against religious institutions and ministries. Aaron Baer, President of Citizens for Community Values, pointed out the discriminatory aspects of HB 160:

“This legislation proposes ‘to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. However, it actually … creates a discriminatory environment against people of faith in the marketplace and in ministry.”

“The worst part about this bill as we’ve seen is that it could very well shut down Christian ministries in the adoption agency world [and] homeless shelters…”

“There’s a specific provision in this bill that says domestic violence shelters in Ohio could lose state funding if they don’t allow biological men into their facilities.”

“Now just imagine what that would mean to these women who have been abused – and it’s absolutely hypocritical of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio state house to even be considering a bill like this that would open women up to more assault.”

If the Ohio Fairness Act gets passed and signed into law, it could force a Christian school or a Christian ministry to hire LGBT people if they apply for jobs and you know they will. It’s a certainty that LGBT individuals will intentionally target Christian businesses, Christian schools, churches and ministries, just so they can file a lawsuit, get lots of money and force the Christians to either go against their faith or shutdown.

This is a VERY Dangerous bill aimed at destroying Christian institutions and therefore, should never become law.



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