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Last week, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a crowd that he was tired of getting worn out from the ‘victim’ mentality that permeates America today and it got me to thinking.

It’s true that America has become a nation of so many people claiming to be victims of something. They are victims of racial discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, religious discrimination, ethnic discrimination, sexual harassment, job discrimination, retail discrimination, political discrimination and worse yet, many are victims of their own stupidity and biased views.

Some years ago, a family was camping near a lake in central Arizona. The area is surrounded by open desert and mountains. A mountain lion suffering from rabies, came into their camp and attacked a boy. He survived, but required some hospitalization and then had to undergo the painful series of rabies shots. The liberal family filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Game and Fish Department for failure to control their wildlife. The judge basically laughed at the family as he dismissed the lawsuit.

I worked for a utility and helped build the groundwork, fences, walls, concrete pads, and trenches for electrical substations. On one particular substation that I worked on, we erected a 10-foot-high block wall topped with razor ribbon. Outside the wall and on the gate into the substation were signs warning of the danger of electrical shock.

After the substation was completed and powered up, two local boys around 10-12 years of age, carried a ladder there, climbed over the wall, used a blanket placed over the razor ribbon and got inside the substation. They got into one of the large transformers, electrocuting themselves and they died. Their parents sued the utility. They claimed their boys were victims of insufficient warnings. The utility argued that the boys were plenty old enough to read and know that electricity was dangerous and that they ignored the Keep Out and warning signs. The court awarded the liberal parents $25 million and ordered the utility to do more to warn of the danger of entering their substations.

I’ve written about gay and lesbian couples, all of whom were liberal Democrats, who used the Christian Yellow Pages to target Christian owned businesses and then running to the nearest court, crying that they were the victims of discrimination based upon their sexual orientation.

American students go to school here in America, wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it, only to be told to take the shirt off or turn it inside out, because it is offensive to non-American students. The foreign students, who support Democrats, claimed to be victims of discrimination because of the American flag.

Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election and millions of Democrats demonstrate, whine, complain and over a year later are still pouting because they didn’t get their way.

Thinking about what Justice Thomas said and reflecting on the state of America today, including members of Congress, and I realize that the Democratic Party should be formally renamed as the Spoiled Brat Party.

Democrats in Congress are still acting like spoiled brats because Donald Trump is President and Not Hillary Clinton. Many black Americans who run around crying racism this and that are acting like spoiled brats because they are not getting their way. The LGBT community, mostly Democrats, constantly act like spoiled brats whenever they doing get their way over everyone else’s way. Liberal groups like Antifa also act like spoiled brats, throwing temper tantrums whenever any conservative does what they don’t want them to do.

Sit back and take a good hard look at America today and who it is that is causing most of the conflict, division and turmoil, all acting like spoiled little brats. It’s the liberal Democrats! Therefore, don’t you agree that the Democratic Party should be renamed the Spoiled Brat Party and at their next presidential convention, they should hand out pacifiers and crying towels instead of condoms.





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