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Given the current circumstances here in the United States, this is bound to happen here and you need to be aware of it now!

In November 2017, St. Stephen’s School, located in East London, in a relatively poor area, was named the School of the Year by the Times. The award is a very prestigious award, given for high academic standards, achievement and for their cultural inclusion policy. It should also be noted that many of the students now attending this school are Muslim, as are a number of the staff, and English is more of a second language at the school.

In their effort to make the children more socially integrated, the Board of Governors adopted a policy of banning girls from wearing hijabs (traditional Islamic headscarves). They felt that wearing the hijabs only singled them out from non-Muslim students, resulting in a social division. The Head of the Board of Governors, Arif Qawi, approved of the ban for those reasons.

However, the school received hundreds of threats from Muslim parents. The threats were such that Qawi resigned his position and many of the teachers were absent because they were too afraid to come to school. Headteacher Neena Lall, said that she and others had received emails, some calling her a pedophile and others saying that she deserved what she had coming. Other emails compared her to Adolf Hitler.

After receiving so many threats, some strongly suggesting violence or personal attacks, the school relented and gave in to the Muslim parents and reversed the ban on wearing hijabs.

This isn’t the first time a British school received threats from Muslims, and it’s not the first time that Muslims literally took control of a school and the school’s policies.

In 2014, an investigation was launched in Great Britain to look into the plot by Muslim fundamentalists to take over the public schools or Islamize them. The investigation looked into over 25 schools in England and Wales. The Islamic plot to control schools was dubbed Operation Trojan Horse due to the method used to carry out the plan.

The object of the plan was to force out the headmaster and numerous teachers one-by-one and replace them with Muslims. Once enough Muslims were in place, they take control of the school and began pushing Islamic ideology on all of the students.

When Operation Trojan Horse became public knowledge, some of the schools being investigated also received threats from Muslims, much like those being experienced now at St. Stephen’s school.

Friends of mine who are born and raised in the United Kingdom, tell me that for the past 20 years and more, Muslims have been flowing into parts of the UK. Like those coming to America, they claim they are not there to change anything or force their religion, laws and lifestyle on anyone else, they just want a chance at a better life.

But once they have enough of them in a given area they begin, often subtlety at first, to move into positions of authority. They buy out shop owners and convert the stores to Muslim stores. Before long they have control of the local government, local schools and even the local churches, driving many Christian churches to move or close. Sharia law becomes part of local law.

I’m informed that there are parts of Great Britain where it’s not safe for any non-Muslim to visit or travel through especially females. Since the huge influx of Muslims into the country, the number of sexual assaults and rapes in those areas have skyrocketed. To some Muslim men, raping a non-Muslim girl or woman is seen as a badge of honor.

Many here in the United States say this could never happen here in America, but that’s exactly what many British were saying 20 years ago, that it would never happen there. America is already seeing large local enclaves of Muslims (namely Dearborn, Michigan and Murfreesboro, Tennessee). In Dearborn, Muslim control areas of the city, they control the schools and most of the city government. They allow for a girls’ only prom for Muslim girls who are not allowed to dance or socialize with boys, but you don’t see any special provisions for Christian or Jewish students.

The Muslim Trojan Horse concept is already beginning in America, especially with the help of Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim to occupy the White House and most Democrats continue to allow them to come and take over more of our country.

The Muslims told the British they didn’t plan on changing anything, but they did.

The Muslims in America say they don’t plan on changing anything, but they already are. We are seeing more reports of wife and daughter beatings and killings, all in accordance to sharia law. One judge already acquitted a Muslim man of physically assaulting another man, as witnessed by law enforcement, because the judge is a Muslim and the victim defamed Muhammad, which was justification in the judge’s opinion for the attack.

America needs to wake up to what is happening. We are under attack here in our own country, and if we don’t do something to stop it, it won’t be long before the Stars & Stripes will be replaced by a crescent moon and one star.



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