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Yesterday, the nation was shocked by another school shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida, a suburb just west and about halfway between Boca Raton and Pompano Beach. The shooter was a former student and at the time of this writing, no motive has yet been given.

Before anyone knew how many were killed or how many were wounded, the liberal mainstream and many neo-com Democrats instantly pointed out that there have now been at least 13-18 school shootings so far in 2018. They also began blasting President Donald Trump for not doing anything to stop the school shootings, as if they are his fault. They seem to forget that there were also a number of school shootings while Obama was in the White House and obviously none of his efforts did anything to slow down or stop them.

The mainstream media and anti-gun liberals also began blaming guns and the lack of more gun control for increase in school shootings. My response to them is to ask how does a gun force anyone to go on a mass shooting spree? Do guns posses some sort of Jedi mind control?

The mainstream media and Democrats choose to ignore the facts surrounding gun violence and the real reasons we are seeing such an increase in them.

A number of recent studies have documented that since 2006, when approximately 50% of teenagers had a cell phone, coupled with the rise of numerous social media platforms and aps, that the rates of teen depression, dysfunction, general feelings of sadness and hopelessness all began to skyrocket, resulting in a sharp rise in the number of suicides.

The social media via mobile phones leaves young people operating in a social bubble of isolation. They don’t have to talk to each other face to face, but can do so via phone and social media. Man was created as a social animal (“It is not good for man to be alone”), but when you take the personal aspect out of social contacts, people begin to feel more alone and isolated. They withdraw into their own inner world and allow their inner woes and problems to build and fester until, like a sore, it suddenly bursts open, spilling the infection or poison. In the case of many young lives, that bursting open is acted out in some form of violence.

Couple this with the fact that since the 1960s, students have been taught there is no God to be accountable to and that everyone is just a product of random evolution which is based upon survival of the fittest. This also leaves our young people with a sense of hopelessness and lack of belonging to anything meaningful. This in turn is why so many young people join gangs because it provides them with some sense of belonging to something.

If you take a close look, the rise of gang popularity corresponds to the removal of God and the teaching of evolution. Think about it. What do most gangs have in common? Survival of the fittest, which is a violent way of life, best described as ‘nature red in tooth and claw’, which is exactly how many of today’s youth act, regardless if they belong to a gang or not.

So, what happens to a young person who loses hope and feels there isn’t anything to live for anymore?

This is where the mainstream media comes into play. They prey on every mass shooting like flies on a pile of fresh manure and they continue to feed on it until it eventually dries up. While they don’t intend to glorify the shooters, wow, look at the publicity the shooter gets. What better way to end things and make a name for yourself than to go to a school, a theater, a church, a nightclub, or wherever and start shooting people? Stephen Pollack and Adam Lanza’s names will live on in history.

Chances are, if the mainstream media stopped spending so much effort reporting on these tragic shootings and they no longer made headline news for weeks on end, that fewer young people would do it because no one would know their name.

In America today, we live in an impersonal and Godless society that offers no hope, no future and no reason for living. As long as that continues and the media continues to feed on it, we will continue to see more school shootings. After all, they are just living out what they are taught.




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