#METOO Female Democrat Champion Facing Allegations

Ever since the first allegations of sexual abuse, misconduct and rape, were made public a year ago, many women have jumped on the campaign to the point where any woman making a ‘me too’ claim is automatically believed without any proof and over adamant denials of the accused. The craze has ended the political careers of Republicans and Democrats alike.

In Time magazine’s Person of the Issue, among the featured people was Cristina Garcia, a California State Assemblywoman. They credited her with being one of the Silence Breakers, but if Time had it to do all over again, they may choose to not include Garcia as she is now facing her own sexual abuse allegations, made by a former male staffer.

(Liberty Nation) – California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has been a staunch defender of victimized women and a leader of the #MeToo movement – her photo was even featured in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue, which credited her as one of the “Silence Breakers.” But Ms. Garcia might want to get her own house in order before she resumes railing against the patriarchy, as she now faces a couple of abuse allegations of her own.


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Ms. Garcia was the head of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and a leading member of the Golden State’s anti-sexual harassment movement. But the irony of this case is that it was precisely her loud bemoaning of the evils of sexual exploitation that led former male staffer Daniel Fierro to come forward and share his story. According to Fierro, who worked in the office of Democratic Assemblyman Ian Calderon, an inebriated Cristina Garcia groped him in the dugout after a softball game in 2014.

The young staffer – he was 25 at the time – claims that he didn’t report it initially but that he told his former boss in January because of her outspokenness in the #MeToo movement.  Mr. Fierro isn’t the only one accusing the champion of victims’ rights of sexual abuse. Politico reported Thursday that a lobbyist – who thus far has remained anonymous – claimed that Ms. Garcia drunkenly tried to grab his crotch at a political fundraiser in 2017…

It will be interesting to see who is believed in this case, the male ‘me too’ accuser or the female who is accused of sexually abusing him. If those like Garcia who are champions of the ‘me too’ movement are consistent, then Garcia should automatically be assumed to be guilty and should therefore resign from the California Assembly.




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