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This past week, all we’ve heard from the mainstream media and emotional Democrats is the demand for more gun control. They still have the idea that trading our liberty will give us more security, when the exact opposite is true.

Think about it!

When our Founding Fathers drafter the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they knew that certain aspects of liberty were more important than security, as they saw how security could be abused by those in charge.

They established free speech, but today in America, a person can lose their job for things they post on their own time on their own social media. You can also be arrested for exercising free speech on your social media. On many college campuses, you can be expelled for exercising your free speech liberty.

Are we willing to give up our liberty to defend ourselves for someone else’s security?

(The Federalist) – Every time there is a school shooting or some other high-profile act of violence involving a gun (this time at a school in Florida), everybody pretends that America has never before bothered to consider the tradeoff between liberty and security — and that we haven’t long ago settled the debate on the side of liberty.

There are, after all, a great many ills that could seemingly be solved by placing every person and every aspect of life under the control of government overseers who would manage us for our own good. But most of us realize that such a life would be psychologically intolerable, utterly impossible to implement, and would expose us to the far greater evils that come from an overbearing government, whether through official incompetence or outright malevolence. So we have decided to brave the risks and uncertainties of a free society rather than long for the illusory security of an all-powerful state.

One of the thought experiments put forward to clarify this is to ask whether we would still want to trade away freedom for security if the freedom involved was not the right to keep and bear arms but the right to freedom of speech. What if we were asked, not to repeal the Second Amendment, but to repeal the First? …

More people are killed and injured by drunk drivers, but where is the public outcry to pass more anti-drunk driving laws? Raw emotions are NOT the reason to pass laws that will strip away the liberties of millions of law-abiding citizens, but that is exactly what is happening to America today. Parents tell their kids to settle down and think about what they are doing, but adults today are not following their own advice and will soon take us another step towards a socialist nation.





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