Lawsuit Filed Against School for Forcing Students to Watch Islamic Conversion Films

In today’s anti-Christian public-school system, no one dares teach, suggest or even post anything that may imply anything about God, the Bible, Jesus or Christianity for fear of being fired or sued. Students are not allowed to sing traditional Christmas carols or even say the word Christmas in many public schools. Students have been disciplined for handing out invitations to church, Easter or Christmas parties. Some students have been told not to pray over their lunch or read their Bible during lunch time or reading times. Students, parents and others attending school sporting events have been warned against praying publicly at the events or even mentioning anything about Christianity.

I know of one former public-school teacher who had a student ask about biblical creationism versus evolution and when the teacher responded by just explaining the difference, he was first removed from teaching that class and later was fired on false allegations.

I also know of a high school girl who wore a shirt with a Scripture verse on the front and she was told to either take the shirt off (in the classroom), turn it inside out (in the classroom) or face suspension for the rest of the day. One of the boys in her class was allowed to wear his shirt that depicted a satanic symbol.

In some places in America, the only thing hated and reviled more than President Donald Trump is a conservative Christian. LGBT activists intentionally seek out Christian business owners in order to force them to violate their faith or so they can sue, get money and publicity for their perverted and sinful lifestyle.

In my day, graduating seniors were invited to a special Baccalaureate service to pray for their future and wish them well. Those events are no longer allowed. However, it seems to be perfectly okay for a public high school to hold a girls-only prom for Muslim girls.

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While it’s not okay to teach anything about Christianity or Judaism in the public-schools, it’s becoming common for more and more schools to teach about Islam. Students have been assigned to learn the Islamic Call to Prayer and the prayer of conversion, and that Allah is the only real God.

However, one New Jersey mom is not standing for the Islamic teachings that her son has been receiving in school as reported:

“Libby Hilsenrath filed the lawsuit on behalf of her 12-year-old son, C.H., a 7th grader at Chatham Middle School, and is asking the court to grant a permanent injunction, nominal damages and litigation costs. It also says that C.H. has suffered irreparable harm which warrants declaratory and injunctive relief as well as nominal damages for the loss of constitutional rights…”

“The civil rights complaint, filed Tuesday, names Superintendent Michael LaSusa, Assistant Superintendent Karen Chase, Chatham Middle School Principal Jill Gihorski, Supervisor of Social Studies for the dictrict Steven Maher, and Social Studies Teachers Megan Keown and Christine Jakowski as defendants.”

One of the teaching tools used by the school and teachers was a video designed to convert kids to Islam. The video teaches that Allah is the one God and that the Quran is the perfect guide for all of humanity and that Islam is the true faith.

Hilsenrath is being represented by the Thomas More Law Center, whose President and Chief Counsel, Richard Thompson, commented:

“What would people say if our public schools taught Christianity as the true faith?”

Kate Oliveri, with Thomas More added:

“The school board has indicated their support of the curriculum. They’ve said they’ve reviewed it all and they don’t seem to have a problem with prayers for conversion for students in their classroom.”

If the school taught anything like this about Christianity or Judaism, liberals would be screaming and running to the courts to file lawsuits, but sadly, there are too few parents like Hilsenrath who will stand up when the shoe is on the other foot and Islam is being not only openly taught but pushed on students.

More Christian and Jewish parents need to start getting involved with their child(rens) education and taking action when this type of brainwashing and propaganda is being poured into their susceptible minds.


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