LA Mayor Challenges DOJ’s Threat of Criminal Charges over Sanctuary City

If you have been watching politics in Washington DC over the past couple of months, you will see that the Democrats who are fighting the hardest to protect illegal aliens are the ones from California. They are the most openly defiant against federal immigration law even to the point of shutting down our government and leaving our military unpaid.

In response to the defiance of many Democrat-controlled cities, counties and states, the Department of Justice has threatened to start filing criminal charges against those Democratic leaders, but LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, says he is not afraid of DOJ threats and remains defiant, daring the DOJ to charge him.

( – There’s an incredible showdown looming between the federal government and liberal safe havens such as California, the culmination of which will surely involve handcuffs, and may involve violence.

This conflict comes to us from the fight for immigration reform in our nation, as President Trump works to deliver on his campaign promises to return law and order to the U.S. border and build a “big, beautiful” wall between the United States and Mexico.

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Of course, seeing as these goals are those of the President, the liberal left just isn’t having it.  Instead of wishing for an American nation of sovereignty of structure, the left and their democratic overlords prefer instead a willy-nilly approach to who can call themselves an “American”, believing almost unanimously that being in America can be a powerful case for citizenship.  There is no other way to explain the actions of ultraliberal City and State officials in liberal locales, who are openly defying the laws of the nation and their newfound prioritization.

I wonder if Mayor Garcetti will still be so defiant after he has been arrested and charged with a federal felony, imprisoned and removed from office. Once it happens to him, and perhaps a few others, I’m sure we’ll see fewer sanctuary cities counties and states (California is the only official sanctuary state, although a couple of others are un-official sanctuary states).




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