Give Me Protection or I’ll Leave America Says DACA Illegal

Should illegal aliens such as DACA recipients and so-called Dreamers, be given any kind of protection or legal status here in the United States?

What happens to an American citizen who enters most other countries illegally? Most of those countries, including Mexico, will arrest them and put them in jail. Sometimes they are deported, but more often than not, they end up in prison. Why? Because their federal immigration laws were violated.

However, here in America, neo-com Democrats don’t want illegals, arrested, deported or jailed. Instead, they want to reward them for violating our federal immigration laws and sadly, it seems that congressional Republicans and even President Donald Trump are preparing to do just that.

I’ve seen all the sad stories on the news on how a family is devastated when the mom or dad is deported for being an illegal alien, but let me ask you this: If an American citizen violates the law and gets sent to jail, doesn’t that also leave a family devastated to be separated from their family member? Is there any real difference? In both instances, our laws or law has been violated, so why is it okay to break up a family and send someone to prison but it’s not okay to break up a family by deporting someone, especially when that someone is NOT an American citizen and has no legal right to even be in OUR country. Where are the sad stories of the mom and kids left devastated emotionally and financially when dad is sent to jail for robbing a bank, or embezzling, or committing some other crime?

Every time our politicians break down and grant legal status and a path to citizenship to illegals, it only encourages more of them to come, because they know eventually it will happen again as it already has in the past.

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The worst part of this whole issue of protection for certain illegals is that members of Congress like House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi are willing to shutdown the government unless some kind of protection for DACA illegals is agreed to or passed. The media needs to show that a shutdown leaves about 800,000 federal workers unpaid. The media needs to show our troops on the battlefields in the Middle East who also will be unpaid, but expected to continue to risk their lives in the service of our country. The media needs show that if one of our military personnel is killed in action during a government shutdown, their family does NOT receive the $100,000 death benefit, nor will the body be shipped back to Dover Air Force base with military honors. Then the media needs to show that during a government shutdown, members of Congress DO get paid.

So, what should our reaction be to Alex Velez when she states:

“I will leave. I will leave America as soon as possible. I want to be able to leave on my terms. I’m not going to be waiting for anyone to come for me.”

Alex is 19-years-old and her DACA status expires March 6, so she is demanding legal protection or she’ll leave the country.

What should our response be?

Go! Here’s a road map home and take the rest of the illegals with you!


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