Facebook Losing Young Americans At Record Pace

Facebook was the first real social media platform that allowed millions of people worldwide to connect with each other. It also allowed many entities to advertise and earn money via their social platform.

Then Facebook realized that many conservatives were benefitting from the platform and they had to find a legal way to censor conservative postings, news and ad revenue earners. They did this by labeling many conservative posts as fake news when in reality many of the posts were true. At the same time, they allowed many liberal fake news posts to remain. The controversy has led some in Congress to call for an investigation.

In the meantime, Facebook is losing more younger people than anyone expected.

(AFP) – With mom, dad and grandma signing up in increasing numbers, Facebook is losing younger users in the United States at a faster pace than previously estimated, researchers said Monday.

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A report by eMarketer said Snapchat is drawing youths away from Facebook at a quicker clip than Facebook-owned Instagram.

Facebook is still growing in the US market, according to research firm, mainly due to increases in usage by older age groups.

The report is the latest to highlight Facebook’s problem with attracting and keeping young people, who have long been a core user base for the world’s biggest social network.

The research firm said it expected the first-ever decline in the 18-24 age group in the US, a drop of 5.8 percent this year…

One has to wonder what will happen to Facebook in the future, since more young people are liberal and more older people are conservative. Will the shift in Facebook users eventually force the social media platform to change some of their policies to allow more conservative postings and use of their platform or will they continue to discriminate?




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