Dem AGs Wasting Millions of Dollars Trying to Stop Trump

Democrats in all positions hate President Donald Trump so much that they are blinded as to how he has improved many aspects of American life. Obama appointed judges have been abusing their positions to try to stop Trump from making America great and safer. Democrats in Congress are willing to leave our military troops fighting overseas without pay or death benefits, just because they hate Trump and his agenda so much. They are willing to leave 800,000 federal employees without a paycheck over their petty hatred.

Now, a group of Democratic attorneys general are banding together to file a slew of lawsuits against Trump and his agenda. They don’t care that they will be wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in their blind attack of what’s helping America.

(Fox News) – Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer. The Russia probe. The “deep state.” Of all the obstacles that could potentially thwart the Trump agenda, add to that tempest the flood of lawsuits now being plotted by blue-state attorneys general who have made no secret of their disdain for the administration’s policies.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), a political fundraising group, touts the AGs as “the first line of defense” against Trump’s agenda.

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“The Trump administration has trouble understanding the rule of law and that’s the reason Democratic attorneys general are filing lawsuits and winning them,” Sean Rankin, DAGA’s executive director, told Fox News.

To be sure, outspoken state prosecutors stalled many of the administration’s 2017 goals in court with a record number of lawsuits. And they’re doubling down in 2018…

Any politician who works so hard against our own government doesn’t deserve to hold any political office. They care nothing about the American people, our military, our national security or our economy. They are willing to throw away everything decent about America and drive our nation into ruin, all because they can’t stand President Trump or seeing America begin to prosper once again.




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