Comedian Bill Murray Floors Democrats with Condemning Truth

I’m not a huge Bill Murray fan, but I did enjoy Ghostbusters when it first came out. Many others know and like him from Saturday Night Live, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and numerous other films and appearances.  Although, he does not speak out about politics very often, he is known for being a liberal Democrat.

Then Murray did an interview on a very liberal network, CNBC and what he said still has some Democrats reeling because he spoke the truth about their agenda and that’s something they never like hearing nor do they expect to hear from someone like Murray.

Murray related what a conservative friend of his shared with him, but when he agreed and then added to that, WOW!

( – Oh boy. I bet there are a lot of Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live (and a million other movies/shows), that are really unhappy today.

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This past week one of the greatest comedians of the last half-century, Bill Murray, sat down for an interesting and honest interview on CNBC.

During the interview, Murray relayed the thoughts of one of his conservative friends who explained to the comedian why he simply cannot stand Democrat politics.

Now, Murray is not generally someone who sides with conservative politicians but he seems to agree with his friend that today’s Democrat Party leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s what the funnyman had to say:…

What Murray stated is so true. Democrats insist on dictating to the American people about the way Democrats want things, instead of listening to the people. Obama dictated. Hillary dictated. Pelosi dictates. Schumer dictates and so on. Trump won the election because he listened to the people and what they wanted – more jobs, border security, less illegal aliens and a more secure nation against terrorism, all things that Democrats reject.




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