Call for Rep. Adam Schiff to Step Down After Falling for Russian Hoax

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is one of the leaders of the pack of blood thirsty hounds in Congress that have been desperately trying to find a trail from President Donald Trump that leads to Russia in hopes of finding something to nullify his election or force him out of the White House.

Schiff is so eager to find something on Trump that he spend 8-minutes on the phone with Russian pranksters who promised him nude photos of Donald Trump. Schiff’s gullibility is causing at least one Republican to question his ability to objectively serve on the House Intelligence Committee and is actually calling for Schiff to step down from the committee.

(Down Trend) – Yesterday we reported on Democrat witch hunter and chief Russian conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff’s getting epically trolled by two Russian pranksters promising him naked pictures of President Trump.

Schiff was practically drooling over the prospect of such damaging “kompromat” on his hated enemy and engaged the jokers for around eight minutes, promising them that he would put his staff onto it once the call was over.

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But like the Russian collusion hoax, it too was a scam and one that left shifty Schiff with a good amount of egg dripping from his bug-eyed face.

One would wonder why the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee would even take the call in the first place let alone let allow his partisan vendetta to override common sense.

It would certainly call into question Schiff’s fitness and objectivity to perform his job on the Intel Committee and one Republican congressman has pointed that out and is calling for Schiff to step down…

First of all, why would anyone want a nude photo of Trump? Secondly, Schiff should have instantly hung up the phone as soon as he heard it was about nude photos, regardless of who they were photos of. Clearly, his blind hatred and gullibility is strong cause for doubt in his ability to function on the Intelligence Committee and even whether he is fit to serve in Congress.




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