Bipartisan Senate Budget Agreement Reached

The House passed a budget bill on Tuesday and sent it to the Senate, where many believed it would run into a Democratic roadblock that could force another government shutdown beginning at midnight tonight, although House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to oppose any deal that does not carry some mandated protection for DACA illegals.

Yesterday, Senate leaders from both parties reached a budget plan that is not what either side wanted but what they would both agree upon.

The Senate budget does provide for increased funding for the military, but has no provision for immigration or a border wall, which President Trump has said is essential for his signature.

(Fox News) – Republican and Democratic Senate leaders announced a budget agreement Wednesday that includes a big boost in spending for the Pentagon and would keep the government running past a looming deadline.

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“I am pleased to announce that our bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities have yielded a significant agreement,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a floor speech.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said, “We have reached a budget deal that neither side loves, but both sides can be proud of.”

Congress has until Feb. 8 to pass a spending bill, and the deal would fund the government through March 23. While Congress would still have to pass another spending measure before that deadline, the agreement announced Wednesday includes a longer-term pact to lift spending caps by roughly $400 billion for Pentagon and domestic programs over two years…

Although both houses of Congress have reached budget deals nothing is finalized until President Trump signs his name to it and at the moment, no one is certain if he will or not, since it does not contain any funding for his border wall, a campaign promise that he intends to keep.




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