Bermuda First in World to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Law

Beautiful Bermuda, the island paradise and popular vacation destination of some many people, lies only about 700 miles east southeast of the North Carolina coast. The island nation is not really a nation, but a British Overseas Territory, but even still, it has its own government and operates much like an independent nation, although it still belongs to Great Britain.

However, Mother England is quite displeased with its Overseas Territory as it just became the first country in the world to repeal its law legalizing same-sex marriage along with repealing all of the rights that go along with same-sex marriage for all of their people.

(The Telegraph) – The British government said it was “disappointed” with Bermuda yesterday after it revoked same-sex marriage rights for its citizens, but said it was not appropriate to block the move.

The government came under pressure from MPs yesterday (THURS) to explain why it had given its assent to the legislation, which reverses a Supreme Court ruling last year giving same-sex couples the right to marry.

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The legislation was signed into law on Wednesday by the island’s governor, the British diplomat John Rankin.

It replaces the right of the island’s 60,000 citizens to enter same-sex marriages with a “domestic partnership”, which is available to couples of any sexual orientation.

Mr Rankin said he had made the decision “after careful consideration in line with my responsibilities under the Constitution,” but declined to comment further…

Hopefully, the United States and Mother England will realize that mistake they have made by legalizing same-sex marriage and extending marital rights to these sinful unions and repeal those laws. Unfortunately, unless America returns to God, repents and follow His statutes, I don’t see it happening here.




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