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The liberal mainstream media has once again demonstrated their short memory and double standards. The mainstream media acts like a school of red-bellied piranha, ready to devour any Republican or conservative in a manner of minutes, like a wounded animal falling into the water. It seems that every time President Donald Trump says anything that is not totally accurate, they attack and try to devour in hopes of leaving nothing but bones.

Yet, when Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton blatantly and openly lied, the mainstream media acted more like Tometes camunani piranha, a species that is vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat. The media just mulled around as if nothing had happened, just like vegetarian piranha when an injured animal falls into the water.

This comparison describes the way the mainstream media is reacting to the presence of Kim Yo-jung, younger sister of North Korea’s cruel and tyrannical dictator, Kim Jung-un, at the Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Just weeks prior to the Olympics, the mainstream media continually blasted President Donald Trump for supposedly inciting Kim to start a nuclear war that would kill millions of people. If you look back at much of the news prior to the Olympics, you will see that the mainstream media seemed to throw most of the blame of an impending nuclear war on Trump instead of Kim. They portrayed Trump as being unstable, insensitive and more, but the very same media, the media who has been glorying Kim’s sister, for the most part have been ignoring what the Kim regime really stands. Consider just these 7 facts about North Korea and then decide for yourself how fair the media has been towards Trump in comparison to how blind they’ve been towards North Korea.

1) Most North Koreans are starving. Remember the North Korean soldier who was shot while trying to defect to the South? Doctors found that he was very malnourished and filled with parasitic worms. Others who have defected have reported the severe conditions in the Hermit Kingdom. Kim Jung-un looks quite rotund, but many of his people are nothing more than skin and bones. Female members of the North Korean military who have defected have reported that they are forced to reuse their feminine hygiene products for many days, that is for those who still have monthly cycles, as many no longer have them due to the harsh conditions they endure. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting this?

2) North Korea has a number of political prisons (concentration camps) that in some cases are far worse than any Nazi Germany concentration camp in World War II. Tens of thousands of North Korean people are imprisoned in these camps for all kinds of reasons. There they are starved, beaten, tortured, raped and thrown to hungry dogs to be mauled to death while still alive. It’s been reported that prison guards force inmates to kill each other for their enjoyment, just like the way ancient Romans enjoyed watching Christians thrown into the arena to face gladiators or hungry lions. Pregnant female prisoners are often forced to murder their babies after they are born. The death rate in North Korea’s prisons is astronomically high with about 25% of inmates dying every year, but they are quickly replaced by more prisoners. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting this?

3) North Korean citizens who failed to mourn the death of Kim Jung-un’s father, Kim Jung-ill, were sent to the hellholes of their concentration camps. Even if someone appeared to be sad and mourning his death, if authorities did not believe the grief to be sincere enough, they were sent to prison. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting this?

4) North Korea tortures American prisoners, completely ignoring any and all international laws. Otto Warmbier is a prime example. Accused of stealing a propaganda poster, he was sentenced to 15-years in prison, yet after only one month in prison, it was reported that he suffered a severe neurological injury. He was in a North Korean prison for only 17 months when he was returned to the United States in a comatose state and then died just a few days later. After Warmbier’s death, his parents spoke out, revealing that their son was quite deformed upon his return to the US. He had a scar that ran the length of his one foot, he was blind, deaf and his teeth were all deformed. Why doesn’t the mainstream media remember any of this?

5) North Korea’s Kim Jung-un seems to enjoy creative ways of executing prisoners. It’s been reported that he has used flamethrowers and mortar rounds. Remember the way he had his half-brother killed with a deadly and banned nerve toxin? One defector reported that Kim had a number of musicians executed using an anti-aircraft missile. Again, no mainstream media coverage.

6) North Korea is the world’s greatest oppressor of religious minorities. While Christianity is alive and growing in South Korea, over 250,000 Christians have disappeared in North Korea and it’s reported there are about 50,000 Christians in North Korean prison camps and you can guess what fate awaits them there. Why is the mainstream media silent about this?

7) North Korea’s regime is a huge cult, worshipping their leaders. Consider this description of what the people are led to believe:

“North Korean citizens believe their government discovered unicorns and invented the hamburger. They think the seasons and the stars changed when Kim Jong-Il was born. They also believe Kim Jong-Il never used the bathroom, made 11 holes-in-one during one round of golf, and was considered a fashion icon across the globe, among other things. We tend to laugh about this kind of stuff, but there’s nothing funny about it. These people have been kept in both a literal and figurative dark, all information and knowledge from the outside world cut off, and through this ignorance and fear an entire nation has been brainwashed. It’s horrific. All of this is horrific.”

These 7 things just scratch the surface of what the North Korean people have to live with every minute of every day and yet all the mainstream media seems to be interested in is how pretty Kim’s sister is, her warm smile and the alleged hand of peace being extended to South Korea. The media seems to forget that she has an important role Kim’s regime which means she is part of the system that treats the people as described above. She is no less guilty than her brother and instead of raising her up on some rack star pedestal, the mainstream media should be blasting her for what she is helping to do to the 25 million people North Korea.



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