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Democrats, the liberal mainstream media and much of the world is in an uproar over the allegations that President Donald Trump used an offensive term during a meeting with some members of Congress. A day after the meeting, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) told the media that Trump referred to Haiti and a number of African nations as a ‘sh**hole’ and the media went wild. They were ready to hang Trump from the nearest tree. They made sure the whole world heard just how racist and insensitive our President really is. The news of Trump’s vulgarity renewed efforts by some congressional Democrats to find a way to force Trump out of office.

To begin with, Durbin has a history of lying for the sole purpose of defaming Republicans. After a 2013 meeting with Barack Obama, Durbin accused a Republican House leader of saying that he couldn’t stand to even look at Obama. Afterwards, even the Obama White House confirmed that the Republican never made such a comment.

In the current case, several others that were present at the meeting with Trump have said they have no recollection of Trump ever saying the vulgar statement. One of those is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who has been emphatic that Trump never used the term Durbin has accused him of using.

It should be noted that Durbin has been a very outspoken critic of Trump and has vowed to thwart his agenda if at all possible. It seems that Durbin’s blind hatred of Trump is not only hurting Trump, but it’s also hurting all of America in the eyes of the world.

The political uproar of Trump’s alleged statement is another clear example of the hypocritical double standard of Democrats and media.

Liberals can take to the streets wearing vagina costumes with signs referring to their ‘pu**ies’ in protest of abortion rights and the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare and no one in the media or Democratic Party seemed offended. Liberals can carry signs with multiple swear words including the F**k word, directed at Trump and again, the media nor Democrats are offended. The vulgar and sexually explicit signs are carried in front of children, shown on television news without any consequences.

Democratic President Lyndon B Johnson swore like a drunken sailor, but where was the uproar. He used words like ‘pissing’ and ‘chicken s**t’. Barack Obama has used the ‘s**t’ word in public, but there wasn’t any public uproar or media sensationalism. Former Sen. John Kerry once, referring to President George Bush and the war in Iraq, indicated that he expected Bush to ‘f**k’ it up.

Let’s not forget former Vice President Joe Biden who not that long ago, referred to the healthcare reform bill as a big ‘f**king’ deal. Where was the media uproar? Instead, the media entertained the idea of Biden possibly running for the White House in 2020.

Another thing to consider is that the term ‘sh**hole’ is only listed as a PG-13 term, but the term ‘Teabagger’, used frequently by many Democrats is listed as an X-rated term.

To date, there is no evidence of Trump’s vulgarity, only the word of one proven liar versus the words of several others present at the meeting. Trump has automatically been convicted without any proof, much like what happened to Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama special election. Moore was falsely accused and immediately convicted by the media and Democrats, solely on the allegations of women, many of which have proven to be false and only intended to prevent Moore from winning the Senate seat.

Yes, Democrats and the mainstream media have two totally different set of rules – one for themselves, that allows them to do or say anything they want, and the other for Republicans that hold them to a set of standards that only a sinless Jesus Christ could live up to.



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