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Regardless of what side of the issue you stand on, answer the following questions:

What should happen to anyone, American, legal or illegal immigrant, who breaks the law? Should they be arrested and convicted if guilty?

What, if anything, do illegal aliens legally deserve?

What would happen if you entered Mexico or many other countries illegally?

A number of American citizens have been arrested and jailed for illegally crossing into Mexico and other countries. They have no legal right to walk free in those other countries for violating their federal laws, so why should illegal aliens in the United States be allowed to walk around free for violating America’s federal laws?

Instead, Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, not only fight to allow illegal aliens to walk free, but they provide them with free education, free medical care, the ability to take jobs away from American citizens and in some states like California and Oregon, Democrats are registering illegal aliens to vote, even though they are not legally allowed to vote.

Last week, our government was shutdown for 3 days because Democrats want to provide protection for close to 1 million illegal aliens – DACA recipients. Democrats were willing to withhold the pay and death benefits of our military personnel over illegal aliens. That should be a criminal offense and American voters, Republican and Democrat, should be in an uproar and demanding that congressional Democrats explain why they are abandoning our military troops for the sake of illegal aliens!

The question about DACA illegals is one of the top topics in the media right now. Liberals say that they were brought here illegally when they were kids, so it’s not their fault that they are here illegally today. But, answer this question:

Haven’t these DACA kids had years to legally rectify their status to stay here in the US?

They know they are here illegally, but continue to take advantage of our country without taking any action to make them legal immigrants. For some perverse and twisted reason, they feel that America owes them, because it wasn’t their fault they were brought here.

If a person robs a bank and then his or her kids are discovered to knowingly live off of the stolen money, are they allowed to keep that money as if nothing was wrong? If a parent committed a crime and ends up in jail, is that any different than illegal alien parents being deported? It may not be fair to the kids, but it’s the law and lawbreakers should be willing to pay for what they have done.

It seems that illegals not only believe that America owes them everything, but now they are turning on the number one politician who has been trying to help them, just because the government shutdown was ended early without any deal for DACA illegals.

A group of DACA illegals converged on the New York home of Schumer, protesting around the clock making enough noise to prevent Schumer from being able to sleep. Even though Schumer has promised to continue the fight to protect DACA illegals, ungrateful illegals are not satisfied with everything else they’ve been given.

The ONLY thing they deserve and should get is a one-way trip back to their home countries along with paperwork to file for legal immigration just like millions of other law-abiding immigrants have done and continue to do.

As for Schumer and his minions in Congress, who are already threatening another government shut down in two weeks over DACA illegals, they should all be arrested for abandoning our military and other Americans.




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