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I’m a firm believer in the Tenth Amendment which states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

However, when a state openly defies the federal government at virtually every level, it is no longer exercising their Tenth Amendment rights, but have turned to complete anarchy, which poses a direct and serious threat to the federal government and neighboring states.

Such is the case with California, that is not only defying the federal government on a number of issues, but have placed themselves above federal law in that their governor believes he has the right to pardon convicted felons who were being held in custody on federal crimes. Pardoning someone for crimes at the state level is one thing, but since when does a state governor have the legal right to pardon anyone of a federal crime?

First, you need to realize that California is the home state of congressional Democrats like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Kamala Harris. All three are Trump hating, America hating, Constitution hating, family structure hating socialists. Waters and Harris are also white person hating racial bigots.

At the state level, Gov. Jerry Brown has to be the most anti-American governor in all of America. The state House consists of 53 Democrats to only 25 Republicans. The state Senate consists of 27 Democrats to only 13 Republicans.

The state is home to THE most liberal city and city government in the nation – San Francisco, long considered to be the city that launched the hippy and free love movement, along with launching the gay rights movement. The city has an annual holiday honoring a slain homosexual mayor. Even the schools honor that holiday.

When the federal government under Barack Obama would not pass an industry and job killing cap and trade program, California passed their own. A number of companies moved to other states due to the state’s unfair cap and trade and their high corporate tax structure.

It’s no secret that many California cities declared themselves to be sanctuary cities defying federal immigration laws and officials and giving legal protection to illegal aliens. However, California’s defiant Democrat-controlled state government was satisfied with just some sanctuary cities, so they passed a state law declaring their entire state a sanctuary state.

California is the only sanctuary state, which makes absolutely no sense. They have the largest number of illegal aliens of any state, numbering around 3 million or more. Many of those illegals are costing the state millions of dollars every year, and considering that the state has faced a serious deficit for years, they can’t afford the illegals, but blindly they continue to protect them.

As alluded to above, California Gov. Jerry Brown intentionally pardoned 2 illegal aliens, both from Cambodia and both will prior felony convictions. His pardon wasn’t for those felony convictions, but was for their standing deportation orders, issued by federal immigration officials.

One of the illegals pardoned by Brown is Mony Neth, who has been convicted of felony weapons charge in association with gang enhancement and for receiving stolen property. The other illegal pardoned by Brown is Rottanak Kong, who served a year in prison for felony conviction of joyriding.

When a state like California and its government leaders become an anarchy and totally defiant of the federal government, federal law enforcement officials, federal law and assume that they no longer have to listen or comply with the federal government, there are only two options – grant them sovereignty by cutting them loose or send in federal troops to remove the anarchical government leaders and return law and order to the state.

So, which should Trump do? Cut California loose as an independent nation or take them over by military force?



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