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How many people do you know that are lazy and take advantage of others and the government? Instead of getting a job and providing for themselves, they find some excuse to take advantage of government assistance programs such as welfare and food stamps. Some even find a way to feign a medical condition in order to receive disability coverage and Medicaid.

I know someone who is habitually lazy and never liked to work. He always complained that he had a headache and couldn’t work. Doctors could never find anything wrong with him, but he finally managed to get Social Security Disability and Medicaid. He qualified for food stamps, housing assistance and even help with his utilities. Amazingly, once he got all of this assistance, the only time he had a headache when it came for his re-evaluation for his disability or when someone asked him to do something he didn’t want to do.

The worst part of this is that I know others who have real medical problems that made working difficult, but were not able to get disability or any other kind of government assistance including Medicaid.

Some conservatives have proposed measures to try and get some recipients of government assistance, including Medicaid, to have to do more to qualify for Medicaid and other forms of assistance. They want those that are capable of working to actually work in order to get aid, but Democrats have been against these kinds of measures.

After all, Democrats need as many Americans to be as dependent as possible on the federal government for their needs. This is socialism 101, one of the foundational principles of a socialist government, which is why the Obama administration fought every effort to put any kind of earning requirement for Medicaid or other assistance programs and which is why Obama pushed so hard to expand Medicaid coverage, which now has an enrollment of over 74 million people. With a total population of 327 million, that means that 22.6% (1 of every 4.4 people) of the total American population are receiving Medicaid benefits.

Not only does this create laziness and dependence on the government, but many states cannot afford to pay the benefits. Obamacare originally stated that they federal government would reimburse the states 50% of the Medicaid expenses, but under the Obama administration, many states did not receive a full 50%. Even if the federal government did pay 50%, that still leaves the states to come up with many millions of dollars just for Medicaid and many states are already facing deficit budgets. Medicaid is a government bankruptcy waiting to happen.

However, the socialist Obama administration is no longer in charge and opposition to allowing some sort of requirement for Medicaid has ended. On Thursday, Seema Verma, Administer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, sent a letter to state governors, in which she encouraged them to move forward with ‘innovations that build on the human dignity that comes with training, employment and independence’.

Work requirements for Medicaid will exclude children or people being treated for opioid abuse. Verma’s letter clarifies ‘work’ requirement as including job training, volunteering or caring for a close relative. The new work requirements are certain to face legal challenges from a number of liberal advocacy groups.

Verma commented about the new guidelines, saying:

“We see moving people off Medicaid as a good outcome because that means they do not need the program anymore and have transitioned to a job or can afford insurance. This policy helps people achieve the American dream.”

Prior to the announcement of the Medicaid work requirement, ten states had submitted waivers to the federal government, requesting permission to add a work requirement to Medicaid in these states, but the Obama administration always denied the waivers. Those states were Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin. Several more states have indicated that they are looking at the possibility of adding a work requirement for Medicaid.

Not everyone receiving Medicaid is capable of working, but many are and this will force them to get off their lazy fannies and get a job. Although not included in the new work requirements for Medicaid, many believe that mandatory drug testing should also be required. After all, many Americans have to pass drug tests in order to keep their jobs so they can pay the taxes that are used to pay for Medicaid, so why shouldn’t Medicaid recipients also be required to pass a drug test?



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