Project Veritas Exposes Twitter’s Anti-Conservative Censorship

For the past few years, most social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook had become extremely antagonistic towards anyone and anything conservative and/or Christian. While they point fingers at Russia for using their platforms to sway voters, they are guiltier of doing the same by the way they continually censor conservatives and Christians. Many conservative, pro-Trump posts have been labeled offensive and removed while anything pro-Hillary is allowed without any problems.

Project Veritas interviewed a number of Twitter employees and recorded them admitting that they censor anything they don’t like or goes against the leftist bias of the company. Twitter and Facebook deny allegations that they are extremely biased, but the evidence gathered by Project Veritas proves those denials are nothing more than lies.

( –  Social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook have long been understood to be in the pockets of the liberal left, their grip on society is now becoming an issue of political morality.

You see, the social media realm has been very nearly conquered by millennial liberals, thanks to their technological advantages.  As Americans from analog generations may have made an acceptable transition into the digital age, that doesn’t mean that the wunderkinds of the connected planet are going to miraculously emerge from nursing homes in Florida either.  The young have a predictable advantage when it comes to high-technology, and that is precisely why the democrats have targeted them so pointedly.

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The democrats need divisiveness to thrive in America in order to stay relevant.  They realize that their progressive ideals aren’t going to win over enormous swarths of the American people at once.  Instead, the left divides the nation into tiny, digestible bits that are far easier to extract the votes from before flushing them down the toilet…

Over the past couple of years, some social media sites have made it nearly impossible for many conservatives to take advantage of the ad revenue that is supposed to be available to all. They have intentionally tried to silence conservatives and drive them out of business. I’ve seen a number of conservatives lose their jobs because of the extreme anti-conservative biased censorship, used to delete their posts and even suspend accounts.




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