NY Governor’s Anti-Religious Freedom Views Forcing College to Forfeit Some Games

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is so anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution and anti-constitutional rights that he has become a socialist dictator over his state.

Since taking office in January 2011, Cuomo has used his office to enforce his personal alt-left views on all 19.75 million people that live in the state. He doesn’t care if there are residents of the state that still value their constitutional rights, Cuomo is determined to strip them of as many rights as possible.

Even though Cuomo claims to be a Democrat, many of his political views and policies are not all that different than those of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The only real differences between Cuomo and Putin is that Putin admits to being a socialist and he garners more respect than Cuomo.

Cuomo doesn’t want anyone in New York to privately own a gun, unless they are in law enforcement or security work. He especially doesn’t want anyone coming into his state with a gun as he will see to it that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of law. He doesn’t care about hunters or target shooters or anything related to these sports. He doesn’t care that banning guns and hunting would lead to massive wildlife die-offs and rampant disease among many wildlife species that could forever weaken the populations.

It’s ironic and hypocritical that Cuomo, if given the legal opportunity, would prevent everyone in New York from being able to protect themselves, their family’s and their homes, with a firearm and yet he enjoys armed protection. Reminds me of Barack Obama who openly opposed allowing teacher and faculty to be trained and armed in order to protect students, while sending his girls to a school that had multiple armed guards on campus at all times.

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In Cuomo’s latest anti-constitutional rights policies, he is preventing college athletes from traveling for some of their scheduled competitions, because he doesn’t like what the other states are doing.

Case in point is the men’s baseball team at Stony Brook University. They had a three-game series scheduled against Southern Mississippi over the February 23-25 weekend. It’s common practice for a number of northern teams to schedule games in the South during February and early March. It’s too cold to play in the north, so teams travel south to play in warmer weather to get valuable experience and practice.

However, Stony Brook’s men’s baseball team is being forced to forfeit the three games against Southern Mississippi, because Cuomo is upset that Mississippi passed the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act. That’s a really long name for what many refer to as a religious freedom law. The law protects the rights of Christian business owners so that they are not forced to defy their faith by having to participate in sinful and offensive ceremonies, like same-sex weddings.

Cuomo has banned all non-essential travel to Mississippi because of their religious freedom law and that ban affects state-run colleges and universities which includes Stoney Brook. Cuomo believes such a religious freedom law discriminates against LGBT individuals, but for some warped reason, he believes that his ban on travel to Mississippi doesn’t discriminate while it obviously does.

This is how fanatic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is about anti-religious freedom and anti-constitutional rights and about how he doesn’t care how it affects anyone else.




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