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During the 2016 presidential campaign, there were numerous reports and incidents of Hillary Clinton struggling with health issues. She often looked tired and haggard, but her campaign kept telling everyone that Hillary was just tired from the grueling campaign trail. When she fainted getting into a vehicle, her campaign said she had a touch of pneumonia or something similar, but that the 68-year-old candidate was fine and just needed a rest.

What about the several instances where she seemed to be forgetful or had slurred speech a few times? Her campaign kept saying that her doctors checked her out and always said she was fine and that nothing serious was wrong with her.

Numerous conspiracy theorists reported that there was more wrong with Hillary than just being tired or a touch of pneumonia, but there was never any real proof, just rumors and theories, but it was obvious at times that Hillary seemed to be suffering from more than just campaign fatigue.

However, you didn’t hear anyone in liberal circles or the mainstream media questioning Hillary’s health or mental competence to be president, especially after her episodes of sudden memory issues or slurred speech.

When President Donald Trump speaks the truth, and is open and honest with what’s wrong with America, Democrats and the mainstream media questioned his sanity and mental ability to run the nation. Some Democrats have even tried to introduce legislation requiring a mental competency test for every presidential candidate in the future. Others openly declared that Trump should be removed from office, citing that he was mentally incompetent. The only evidence they had was that Trump had a different political view of reality than the Democrats have.

Trump just underwent his regular physical, conducted by a ranking Navy physician. He reported that for the most part, Trump was in excellent health. He did give advice that Trump lose a few pounds and change his high salt and fatty diet, but otherwise, said he was so physically sound that he could live for many years.

Trump requested that the Navy doctor also give him a mental competency test because of all of the liberal talk about his ability to hold office. He told the doctor to be thorough and afterwards, the doctor reported that Trump passed the competency or cognitive test with flying colors. To prevent any controversy, Trump ordered the White House press corps to allow the doctor to answer every question the media had. The doctor answered questions for nearly an hour and never once did he say anything that could cause anyone to question Trump’s mental abilities.

So, how do liberals react to the news of Trump passing the cognitive mental test with flying colors? They call the doctor a liar, as reported:

“CNN isn’t letting a media-driven story go away, simply because of a doctor’s qualified opinion.”

“‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter, who dismissed legitimate questions about Hillary Clinton’s health status, only to push them about Trump’s, is now dissatisfied with Dr. Ronny Jackson’s response to a question about the president’s ‘mental fitness’.”

“Jackson told reporters a mental exam is not called for at Trump’s age, but that the president requested it and the doctor obliged.”

“In his answer, Jackson emphasized he sees the president often multiple times a day, so he is able to observe his behavior.”

“He said he picked a longer test and that Trump did ‘exceedingly well’.”

“That good news wasn’t good enough for Stelter, who took to Twitter to gripe.”

“Here’s how the next few hours will go,’ he sniffed. “Trump supporters will say ‘Concerns about Trump’s mental health were always absurd. Case closed now’.”

“The obvious response: ‘The Q’s about fitness for office are serious. Someone could be sharp as a tack, but still unfit,” he tweeted.

He believed doctor reports that Hillary was fine when she obviously wasn’t and he denies the doctor who says the same about Trump. This is a typical response for liberals like Stelter, who regularly deny the truth or twist it into something that doesn’t fit with his warped ultra-left views, views which have been destroying America. Stelter, CNN and others like them cannot stand the truth and they cannot stand to allow the American people to hear the truth.




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