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Even though many believe that kids these days spend their time in front of the television, their phones, iPads, tablets, computers and video games, more kids, especially younger ones, spend more time reading than many realize. Schools still encourage kids to read by stocking their libraries books and running programs to help get books into the hands of kids.

What kids read, especially when the material is endorsed by their school, impacts their young minds which helps to mold them into what they will grow up to be. At the age when kids start school and learn to read, their minds are like pottery clay waiting to be sculpted into something useful before being hardened into something permanent. What they read helps to shape and form what will eventually become more permanent.

One of the largest publishers of children’s books is Scholastic. According to their website:

“Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL) was founded in 1920 as a single classroom magazine. Today, Scholastic books and educational materials are in tens of thousands of schools and tens of millions of homes worldwide, helping to Open a World of Possible for children across the globe.


To encourage the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy.”

Scholastic may sound great and it seems they are doing a lot to help get books and materials into the hands of kids, but according to One Million Moms, the materials being published and pushed by Scholastic could and probably are doing more harm than good:

“Scholastic Inc., the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, is using its platform to promote pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children.

The corporation, for example, published a pro-transgender book called George for 3rd graders. “When people look at George, they think they see a boy,” the book reads. “But she [George] knows she’s not a boy. She knows she’s a girl.”

According to its website, Scholastic Inc. reaches 6 million children per week with its publications. It features morally toxic reading lists for children, such as:

  • “Books for Two-Mommy Families”
  • “Great books for Two-Dad Families”
  • “6 Picture Books About Transgender Children”

I can’t help but think of a recent post about a boy in kindergarten who was taught about transgenderism and then went home and told his parents that he is a girl and wants to be treated like girl. A girl in his class the next year knew him has a boy and when she addressed him by his boy’s name, got in trouble with the school.

In the same post, it was shared that a young girl came home from school shaking in fear that she might turn into a boy, after the same school as above, taught her class about transgenderism.

One Million Moms also points out that the American College of Pediatricians warns:

“Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

Monica Cole, Director of One Million Moms, told One News Now:

“… We’re concerned [that] Scholastic is pushing topics on children and introducing them to children as young as preschool age [that] should be left up to the parents to discuss, and [selling] books … at book fairs at your child’s school that you may or may not be aware of.

It is shocking because we know the dangers and how harmful the lifestyle choices are and can be.”

Do you know what your kids are being taught at school and what books they are reading? Your kids only grow up once and it’s YOUR responsibility to teach them and mold them into decent human beings, not the schools. Their young minds need, no MUST, be protected from the filth and indoctrination of our decaying society that supports and promote sin over normalcy.






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