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Illinois is a state that has long been run by neo-com Democrats. If you really want to define Illinois politics, all you have to say is that it was there that Barack Obama began his political career, first in Chicago and then in the Illinois Senate before becoming the US Senator from Illinois and then his illegal tenure in the White House.

Today, the Illinois House of Representatives seats 67 Democrats to 51 Republicans. The state Senate seats 37 Democrats to 22 Republicans. Although the state’s governor, Bruce Rauner claims to be a Republican, he’s been as much of a Republican as Chris Christie of New Jersey was, and I’ve frequently described Christie as a Democrat in Republican clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, as Rauner has been better than his Democratic predecessor Pat Quinn. He vetoed a budget bill that would have resulted in a $4 billion deficit. Then Democrats passed a bill that would have raised state income tax from 3.75% to 4.95% and corporate tax from 5.25% to 7%, resulting in an increased revenue of $5 billion, but Rauner vetoed it. Sadly, for Illinois residents and businesses, the Democrats persuaded some weak Republicans to help them override Rauner’s veto and forcing the higher taxes to be law.

This is typical of Democrats at every level of government. They have no problem spending more than they take in, not do they have any problem raising taxes again and again and again. In their latest anti-citizen endeavor, the state legislature spent much of 2017 pushing a highly controversial bill, HB 40.

HB 40 removed prior language that defined an unborn as a human being from the time of conception, which means there is no legal grounds for any rights of the unborn. The bill also expanded taxpayer subsidized abortions for any woman covered by Medicaid and/or the Illinois state employee insurance. Estimates from different right-to-life groups placed the number of additional abortions paid for with taxpayer money between 3,800 to 12,000 per year.

HB 40 was passed by the legislature on September 25, 2017 and signed into law by Republican Gov Rauner on September 28, 2017.

Almost immediately, the new law was challenged with a lawsuit filed by the Springfield Right to Life and hundreds of others. The lawsuit was filed at the beginning of November and arguments were heard in the Sangamon County Circuit Court, before Associate Judge Jennifer M. Ascher.

Although I cannot say for certain, but I strongly suspect that Ascher is a Democrat. She gradated from las school in 2003 and was appointed to Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in Illinois in 2015 by the senior judges. Prior to her appointment, she worked for a law firm and as president of the Central Illinois Women’s Bar Association and Sangamon County Bar Association. One would think that someone with years of experience would hold these positions, but in Illinois, if you’re a Democrat who holds to their socialist ideologies, you can rise to power quickly as did Obama.

To no surprise, Ascher ruled against the right-to-life groups and upheld the state law, placing taxpayers on the hook to pay for the first-degree murders of unborn children.

The Thomas More Society representatives the right-to-life groups in their lawsuit. Peter Breen, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society says that HB 40 is a clear violation of the Illinois Constitution and they plan on filing an immediate appeal of Ascher’s ruling. They are also filing for a temporary injunction to block the new law going into effect until all legal challenges are filed, heard and ruled on.




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